A Steeple Analysis Of Countdown Supermarket.

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The purpose of this essay is to develop a STEEPLE analysis and 10-year outlook for Countdown Supermarket [hereunto referred to as Countdown], a leading supermarket in New Zealand, which is owned by Progressive Enterprise Ltd and is a subsidiary of the Australian company, Woolworths Limited; which in the last two years have won the best retail store award. This has portrayed Countdown to be a more confident, reliable, motivated and responsible supermarket.
The STEEPLE analysis will be used as a tool to determine and identify the internal and external factors that may be affecting Countdowns' Greerton store. The STEEPLE (Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental, Political, Legal, and Ethical) analysis is a method used by companies such as Countdown as a management strategy to better understand and identify positive and negative factors affecting their business, in the present and in the future. Two such STEEPLE issues that affect Countdown and influence there ten-year outlook are environment/ecological issues and brand, company, and technology image. They are important in ensuring a better environment for sustainable trading in a consumer market aware of their environment, branding, and pricing.

One Steeple factor affecting Countdown are environment/ecological issues. Environmental issues are negative aspects that human activity has created on the environment such as waste. This has become a recently occurring issue for Countdown as the government are beginning to increase their laws and regulations on the way that businesses deal with waste from the company and the emissions produced. This is because in recent years, customers are becoming more aware of the effect that waste can have on the environment and the effect that is causing.
This factor affects Countdown as the government have started to act on the ways in which businesses affect the environment. They have to do this as they are trying to reduce the harm that businesses do on the environment. Countdown will need to consider the effects that they have on areas of environment by activities such as emissions into the air, storage, and disposal or recovery of business waste, packaging of product.

One of the main ways that Countdown is affected by environmental issues is the packaging used on product (Countdown branded food such as ‘select’ brand or ‘homebrand’). The wrappers usually used for product wrapped by Countdown are plastic in origin. This is an environmental issue regarding Countdown, as the plastic they use to wrap their product is not recyclable, and is not biodegradable. This means that Countdown is having a huge negative impact on the environment. This is because for every Countdown product that is sold to the customer, the packaging is thrown away and cannot be recycled or biodegradable. This means society has no way other than to burn Countdowns packaging waste. This type of waste disposal will also create a negative impact on the environment as it will be burnt and...

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