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A Step Forward The Advantages Of Web Based Conferencing

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Computer conferencing has stepped us forward into technology by making it possible for people to network across time and distance. Web conferencing uses a combination of voice communication and a network of computers to interact with different, multiple users. (Azuma) It enables us to instantly share our desktop with many people at the same time. Communication usually flows in one direction. Participants speak or listen (usually via telephone) and direct their attention to their monitors, which may show a PowerPoint presentation, invoice, memo, etc.Web-based conferencing supports multiple locations so there is no need to have all of your associates at a central location, as that it may not be feasible. Presentations are given to anyone, anywhere in the world. Clients can watch hands-on demonstrations of a product and can even control the pace of the demonstration. No more cancelled meetings due to travel problems or bad weather.The overall theme of the Army today is "support" and "train". Which one supersedes the other? With Web conferencing there is no need to make a choice because it sustains both. Soldiers are constantly going on temporary duty assignments to learn different aspects of their jobs. While training via Internet, you don't lose the manpower usually associated with out of town conferences. The soldier is there at their home station in the event they are needed. Use of web conferencing in the Army is also beneficial to the soldier in regards to schooling. Due to hectic daily schedules and constant field training exercises, the Army's education centers provide an extra incentive for soldiers to further their education. (Not only is it free, but also they don't have to leave their homes.)Although it's not used often enough in the Army, web-based conferencing offers an option to saving the government the money of having the soldier sent to another...

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