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A Story About A Captured Woman

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Like a helpless animal, she whimpered, pulling at the heavy shackles in a hopeless attempt to relieve the aching pain on her ankle. The heat was unbearable. The baggy shirt that drowned her skinny frame was drenched in sweat. On the wall opposite her was a collage of photos of her walking to college, out with friends, close up photos of her watching television and in the centre a photo taken by her bedside of her sleeping. The first few times of seeing the centre photo would leave her feeling physically sick. Even a glance would make her heave. The thought of her sound asleep while a man in touching distance is peering over her taking photos of her sent a shiver down her spine. He was clearly tracking her for months. The wall behind her to begin with was empty, but she began to take a tally. Over 7,000 lines made from a chalk-like stone filled the wall with very little space in touching distance left. Her bed consisted of a pillow and blanket, however the pillow was always damp from the flood of tears and the blanket left a stomach churning smell of urine from when she did not have the energy to move over to the bucket in the corner -which also was only emptied until it overflowed, leaving a horrific scent to the already sauna-like “bedroom”. There was a dim lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, flickering every few seconds with a family of flies circling it. The light went out. The room filled with darkness and she slowly reached up the wall with a stone in her hand and with all her effort adding another line. The stone fell from her grip and she lay her head down on the pillow in an effort to fall asleep.

Her eyes opened. To the left of her lay a tray. A bowl of porridge, a glass of water and a stale slice of bread. The plastic cutlery was still dirty from the previous day however without anything to wipe it she endured the revolting taste of last nights dinner and porridge mixed in. Once finished she rang a small bell to alert him. Minutes later a tall man with bleach blonde shoulder length hair entered the room. His uncovered body was filled with tattoos and a scar made its way down the left side of his rib cage. His eyes were black, with black bushy eyebrows. His arch shaped nose stood out from his boney face and his over-sized nostrils flared as he looked over at his housemate. Rough, dark stubble covered his jaw and his small, thin, chapped lips made him look even more intimidating. His tongue slithered out of his mouth and rolled across his upper and lower lip, letting out an excited grin which exposed his yellow, jagged decayed teeth. He slowly approached her, knelt on one knee and rested his forehead on to hers. She tilted her head to the side and kissed his cheek. Bringing her arm up to his waist, she carefully took a small key, threw it onto the blanket and moved her hand onto his thigh. He pulled her long hair back and kissed her passionately on the neck, then aggressively pushed her frail body to the floor. His eyebrows lowered,...

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