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A Story About A Tattered Abandoned Library

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The library was different than the last time that I saw it…
As I approached the library, I was amazed at what had become of it. All of the windows were shattered. Glass covered the window seals and jagged pieces of glass hung in the window frames. Taking in more of the library, I slowly walked around to the front doors. The grand oak trees that once stood proud and tall were now weeping in sorrow.
I notice the dark red paint was peeling from the mailbox, leaving behind nothing but old rust. Railings that had once ensured children's safety were now dented and falling apart. The stairs leading up to the main door were collapsed in; splintered wood laying in a large pile. I got a creepy feeling when I looked at it all. Chills ran up my spine.
Looking at worn down library, I remembered how it had once looked. It had been fairly small. There were only about 4 racks of science fiction books and about three racks of that boring stuff no one likes. Back then, the little library was full of color. Each wall had been painted a different color, along with chairs shaped in different sizes and styles.
As I approach the doors, I noticed a smell. The books inside seemed to be wet and the binding was rotting. I used my shirt’s sleeves to cover my nose. The rotting smell of the building was overwhelming. Walking past the doorway, I noticed puddles; of what I wasn't sure. The puddles of water inside had turned a blackish hue, and the walls had paint peeling off them sheets; revealing molding walls.
I hadn't been to this library in over 15 years and to come back and see what became of the once well known library was shocking. The library hadn't seen a ‘bad day’ since 1924, the second year it was open, as far as I knew. And that day was when the ceiling on the first floor had collapsed in because of an old floorboard issue the owner hadn't known about. He had bought the place from a cousin twice removed. I can’t ever remember his cousin’s name, but it would be nearly impossible to forget what he had looked like.
The man had been going bald and was only in his early thirties. He had a large stomach and wore shirts that were always too...

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