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A Story Containing Elements Of The Gothic Genre Base Upon The Book Dracula Narrative

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Ding Dong Ding Dong. The bell chimes on a rainy misty cruel Sunday. I guess you know what that means, yep a funeral of course. The creaky black hearse slowly pulls up and men carry the grave towards its resting place containing someone of same blood. The crows squawk and surround the graveyard as if they were ready to feast off the dead. The entire mob of dark clothed men, women and children came to pay their respects to the wealthiest and the most reputable person. As the priest gave the usual prayers, the grave was laid 6 feet beneath the earth where it would spend all of eternity beneath were life blossoms only to eventually rot away. I waited for everyone’s leave and as I came to pay my respects, uncontrollably my eyes become a waterfall of sadness and suffering as I stare on the grey, dull, cracked stone. I muster up my courage and say “Goodbye....Father.” Yes, indeed that special person of the same blood was my father and I had intended to carry out his name and legacy.
Click click. “Congratulations sir, the place is yours! Here are the keys and have a good day.” said the property agent as he dropped the old metal, two prong classic key into the palm of my hands. I look up and see the estate my father left me with. Right in the heart of New York, high up the mountains where storm, lightning and thunder meet only to rain its wrath upon the people. It wasn’t a pretty home. It was one of those classic castles that towered lonely above the clouds like a ghost among the midst. With centuries of dark cracked dull bricks with gargoyles keeping watch over the tower as if they were guardians of the building. As I entered the building, I entered a new world. There were figures of knights and their weapons, massive fireplace in the middle of the main room. I walked up the never ending spiral stair case and on the upper level lay the bedrooms. Nice and spacious with those beds that had dusty curtains around them. Down the hallway were many portraits of my father and of demons and monsters. I never did understand his obsession with them. Guess he was part of cult or something.
After I had unpacked and settled in, I decided to go into the city and try the cinema. It was a new ‘thing’ you can say, were films are played on an enormous screen in a large hall and it was customary to have popcorn with you. I went to watch one of the town’s famous films to get an idea of what people were interested in. I wore my classic black and white suit and headed down there. With the ticket purchased and popcorn at the ready, I sat feeling excited and happy. I thought this at least will take my mind of dad. As the movie came to an end, never really paying attention to who sat next to me, a woman of similar age said to me “Aaahhh, Dracula it never gets old!” I smiled in return showing I agreed with her even though it was my first time in a cinema. But I truly smiled because of her beauty. Her sparkling blue eyes, plump red cheeks and golden hair captured by my eyes. It...

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