A Story From The Past Is Brought To The Future

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Many stories are derived from stories from the past. Walt Disney’s popular movie, The Lion King, is based on the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare. This is just one out of many things that are from the past that appears in novels and films today. Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein is a novel about a mad scientist who wants to make an immense discovery as said by Brett Weiss, “The Frankenstein monster first lumbered into existence in 1818 in Mary Shelley's classic novel Frankenstein; Or, The Modern Prometheus, a work that many have called the first science-fiction story.” (Weiss, Brett). Well, this mad scientist, Victor Frankenstein, eventually makes his discovery: the secret of life. He ultimately creates a monster out of body parts he dug from graves, strikes the sewn up corpse with lightning and the monster is created. Yet, instead of being overjoyed about his creation and discovery, he is bitterly disappointed about what he has done and abandons the creature. After this, the creature murders all of Victor’s family and friends to get revenge and the monster eventually kills Dr. Frankenstein and commits suicide. On the other hand, the story of Prometheus, the man who discovered fire and wanted to show his discovery to the other humans, but the God Zeus says no, but Prometheus does it anyways and is ultimately punished by getting his heart eaten out by an eagle for an eternity. Yet, the funny thing is that even though Prometheus is in excruciating pain, he still screams at Zeus that he would do it again. Victor and the monster from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein are both like Prometheus, and Victor ultimately rises as the hero in the novel.
To begin, Dr. Victor Frankenstein from Frankenstein is a modern day Prometheus. This observation is pointed out by Frank James, “Frankenstein, who is The Modern Prometheus.” (James, Frank). To continue, the most obvious similarity would be that they both discover something. Prometheus discovers fire, whereas Victor discovers the secret to life. However, they have almost completely different reactions with this discovery. Prometheus decides right away that he wants to expose this discovery and reveal it to all humans. On the other hand, Dr. Frankenstein didn’t reveal his discovery, in fact he was highly disappointed in his creation and abandoned it and acted like it never happened, yet there was a certain time when he would’ve been happy which is shown when he says, “If this journey had taken place during my days of study and happiness, it would have afforded me inexpressible pleasure” (Chapter 19, Pg. 137, lines10-12). Well, until his creation started killing people anyway. However, Victor is a creator, just like God was the creator of humans. However, if Victor’s creation went wrong, did God’s creation go wrong?
Furthermore, the monster from Frankenstein is also similar to Prometheus. First off, the monster is Victor’s creation, while Prometheus is God’s creation. They are both creations of a being higher...

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