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A Story Of Hope Essay

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Hope. Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.
Fear of death is the most common in people, yet we are always endangering ourselves without even realizing it. In today’s society we see more teenagers’ smoking rather than adults, and that says something about society and the lives of our children. That’s why we need hope in our lives, to survive.
David Robinson a 40 year old man gave us that hope by sharing his story with us. David’s journey had begun while he was a teenager when he was offered his first cigarette in high school. As a teenager David was not aware of the consequences of smoking at the time, he also did not realize that smoking will affect his respiratory system, lungs, and he did not know he could develop lung cancer. He also would have never guessed that he would need a lung transplant 23 years later.
Cigarettes contain over 4000 dangerous chemicals that could lead to ...view middle of the document...

Alveoli helps absorb oxygen and also help get rid of carbon dioxide, smoke damaged his lungs to the point that the alveoli got less flexible and made it harder to breath in oxygen.
After 23 years of spitting mucus out, facing shortness of breath and coughing, David started noticing signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) –is a lung disease that interferes with normal breathing-, and when his doctor confirmed it, he realized he is in need of a lung transplant.
On January 25th, 2014 David went under surgery, lungs were donated by a 34 year old man who passed away in a car crash. The major complication of such a surgery is the lung being rejected by the body, thankfully that didn’t happen to David. When David was taken to the operation room and he was put to sleep by the anesthesia team. His chest was opened, and his circulation was supported by a circulatory by pass machine, which was part of the preparation for removing the old lung.
Once the old lung is removed, the new one is stitched in. This is done by sewing the ends of the bronchus and pulmonary artery and left atrium leading in and out of the lung together. Lung was ensured to be working well, and then his chest was closed. The surgery lasted up to 8 hours, then David was taken care of and the process of rehabilitation had begun.
A couple of weeks later David realized his smoking habits almost got him killed before even seeing his grandchildren grow old. David turned his life around by quitting smoking after it almost becoming too late; he became an active participant in managing his health by eating healthier and introducing exercises to his life.
After David changed his life around he realized he could do so much more. He started his own anti-smoking campaign to help others change their lives around, he visited every school in the Toronto district, advertising and sharing his story, he appeared on many talk shows and helped change over 18400 teenagers’ life before it was too late.
It was not an easy and cheap journey but it was a life changing experience for David and the people around him.
There is always hope. Hope for everyone.

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