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A Story Of Unfair Treatment That The Native Australians Were Put Through During The European Invasion.

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I am Kimarak from the language group Gagudju, I am 16 years old and have a father, mother and four brothers. I am going to tell the story of the white men who have invaded our lands and are destroying them.It all started when my uncle(who I also call my father) claimed he saw a group of ghosts and had stealthily spied on them. He said they came in giant decorated logs from the end of the ocean, and if that isn't enough he also claimed that they had magic sticks that make a bang to kill animals. Naturally the tribe had come to a conclusion that he had been bitten by a snake and was delirious.When one day the white beings turned up in our tribe's territory with bags of food some of the tribe were overjoyed because they didn't have to hunt for a change though some of us were suspicious and didn't want the tribe to eat the food. Though part of the tribe still ate the food and unfortunately my mother was one of them. I saw death throughout the tribe right in front of my eyes including my mothers. This saddened me to severe depression and this act from the murderous white being created a want for revenge for the survivor's tribe. The tribe feared the new killing powers that the white beings have.These white beings started destroying our lands and killing our animals. This made it harder to find animals while out hunting. They had the nerve to stop the tribe from drinking from our favorite drinking hole and if we tried we'd get killed by the magic stick.Then one afternoon I came back from hunting and the tribe was gone. All that was left was a pile of dead carcasses. I thought to myself that the...

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