A Strange Meeting Original Writing

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A Strange Meeting - Original Writing

On a bone chilling Friday morning in December, 2000 a tall hooded man
got out of a Toyota Supra in the suburbs of London. I was hiding
behind a large garbage bin. I came to know that a fight was going to
happen between the two most famous gangs in London, The Eagles and The
Scorpions. As it was foggy I could not figure out who the man was who
got out of a Toyota Supra. But he seemed to be a six foot tall man,
wearing a knuckle puncher on his right hand a dazzling Rolex on his
left. He was in his mid twenties. He was wearing sleeveless black top
and blue Versace jeans. He seemed to be waiting for some one. As the
weather got clear, I recognised him as Roger, the leader of The Eagles
gang. This was the first time I saw him so closely. His car was parked
just 50 feet away I saw that he had black skin and had freckled arms.
I could see his blood thirsty eyes through his balaclava.

Then there was a distant rumble of a car and then a Ferrari came
rushing past and skidded around and stopped. A short black man leapt
out of the Ferrari and had a notorious look on his face. He appeared
to be in his early twenties. He took out a Nokia 6680 out from his
pocket and spoke to some one in a very low pitch. This man was about
five feet five inches, braided hair, and broad shoulders and had
twinkling brown eyes. He was wearing jet black Nike track suit. Seeing
a mole on his forehead, I recognised him as William, known as Will. He
advanced towards Roger and shortly got into a very heated argument
with him. There was swearing and crossing all around the place.

Roger was so angry that I could see his vein on the temple swelling
and when he could bear Will any more, he took out a dazzling razor
sharp dagger and was about to stab Will. He raised his dagger, I
closed my eyes and I heard a loud detonation. There was a gun shot and
smoke all around. When the smoke cleared a bit, I saw that Roger was
shot in the arm. William shot him in the arm but still Roger was
strong enough to knock William out cold. William was lying on the cold
grass with his eyes closed and Roger was breathing heavily in
excruciating pain. I could not just stand and watch my inspirational
hero crying out in pain hence

I suddenly rushed towards Roger’s Supra, got him in and was about to
move when I heard the police car. I drove in the other direction, took
a short cut and reached home. I used to live alone. I had no blood
relation in this world except for my four friends. I didn’t know what
to do, I could not call the police because he was wanted and there was
a price of £1000 pounds on him so I immediately called my friends. I
first called Alan. I told Alan to inform Jordan, David and Joseph.
Alan was studying medicine hence I called him first. When he arrived,
he was surprised to see Roger...

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