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A Stranger To The World Essay

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It was a cold winter’s morning; the rain was falling, forming lake-like puddles on the frozen ground below. The ferocious wind was whirling through the tops of the lifeless trees. The sky was dark, casting an eerie feeling over the dreary, dull day. Halfway down the metropolitan street, stood a house. Many years ago, it would have been a wonderful home. It was now boarded up, and very dilapidated. The wooden door was rotting around the edges, and the house had a haunted look to it. The slate roof which was once a major feature of the home was fading, and eroding with the ever-present rain beating down on it.The wooden door opened, and an elderly man stepped outside. Carefully, he shut the door behind him, and pulled his coat up around his drawn-in shoulders. He turned to face the crowded street. His tweed jacket, now drawn up around him like a shawl was tatty; torn, and covered with the grime of decades previous was flapping around in the almost gale-force wind, offering him no protection from the relentless weather. His hands, gnarled, and already numb from the freezing morning were struggling with the zip. The coat blew open, and revealed a stained white shirt. Finally, he got the zip done up, and hobbled to the steps that led down to the street a few meters below.Still the rain fell, and without an umbrella, the last lengths of snowy white hair, plastered to his bony forehead exaggerated the other prominent features of his ancient face. Beads of freezing rain dripped off the end of his hooked nose, and his eyelids drooped half-shut, under the pressure from the many wrinkles that resided on his once smooth brow. Once the best feature of his face, his now sallow cheeks drooped unhappily, and his bottom lip hung loosely, exposing a mouth of very few teeth, as yellow, and as warped as the Morris Minor he had owned as a young man.Cautiously, like a lion stalking his prey, his tatty,...

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