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A Strategic Analysis Of Novartis

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With the pharmaceutical industry constantly changing, it makes it very important for a company to analyze the macro environment. The first force is political; right now that pharmaceutical industry is greatly affected by politicians due to changes in health care structure, healthcare platforms, and partnerships with certain pharmaceutical companies. Within the next three to five years as politicians rotate we can foresee the political force being an even greater impact on the industry. The next force is economic. For the now we feel that the pharmaceutical industry is greatly affected by the economic force as people have more spendable income and will be more likely to purchase brand name drugs. As income dwindles, some poor individuals may be unable to purchase even generic drugs. Within the next three to five years since we are coming out of a recession, we will see consumer spending increase and the demand for the highest quality of medicines increase. The economic force will greatly impact the pharmaceutical industry for some time. The next force of the macro environment is the social force. The social force greatly affects the industry since we have begun to focus on preventative health care and detection recently. Moving forward we expect the trend of preventative health care and our tendency to change our health habits will prompt the pharmaceutical industry to deliver new and innovative products. The fourth force is technological; right now the pharmaceutical industry is greatly impacted by changes in technology, and will continue to be affected for years to come. The next force, ecological, somewhat affects the industry. Events like natural disasters, plagues, and other mass causalities can greatly affect the pharmaceutical industry. The future for this force is truly unknown as we cannot predict these large ecological disasters far in advance. The final force is the legal force. Right now this is a major issue in the global pharmaceutical industry. Companies need to ensure that all research, development, marketing, and consumer safety is within the bounds of laws. With laws and requirements of agencies constantly changing, the industry will be greatly impact in the near future.
The next element of the external analysis is Porter’s Five Forces Model. The first force is the degree of rivalry (2.6). We felt the degree of rivalry was slightly above average. Some of the factors that contributed to this were fact that the industry is growing, the industry is very concentrated, and there are large differences in the products offered in the industry. Within the next three to five years we feel rivalry will increase as patents expire and companies begin to fight more for industry dominance. The next force is the power of suppliers (2.75), which is slightly above average. There are several suppliers of inputs to the pharmaceutical industry, which makes it fairly easy for companies in the industry to change vendors. The third force is power of...

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