A Strategy For Organizational Change Essay

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A Strategy for Organizational Change

The situation of AB Organisation is very complex and difficult, due to
the unstable situation given in the external environment and in the
internal structure of the company.

The first step that the new Managing Director of the AB Organisation
must take is to analyse the past and present situation of the company,
to know the reasons of the situation nowadays.

Through the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
analyse and the PESTEL (Political, Economic, Sociocultural,
Technological, Environmental and Legal) framework the company will
know their own strengths and weaknesses, the needs of their customers
and nature of the environment in which they operate.

But this two methods shouldn’t be applicated just when they are in
trouble, it should be done constantly in the life of the company, so
they can see the options and opportunities open to them.1

The SWOT analysis facilitates to the Manager the identification of the
internal and external issues they have to take into account for
understanding the context in which the company operates.

It also helps to pull out the key issues the Manager have to make
choices and to identify some risks involved.2

The PESTEL framework is used to identify and understand the main
external environmental factors which affect the company.

To collect and discuss information of the organisations context, the
company will need a wide range of people, from managers to workers.

After having collected all this data, the Management of the company
has the task of making sense of this information. This means to
understand, interpret and explain the organisational world of the
past, present and future.

This will make it possible for the company to focus their attention on
certain issues they consider crucial, and to be proactive and not to
react on situations.3

Nevertheless, all this actions are based on the majority of the past
and present circumstances of the company, so we have to concentrate
now on the future and goals of the company.

This will be reached by visioning techniques and scenario building, so
we could create different organisational realities and select the
most favourable for the company.

To apply this vision in the company, we have to use a changing program
or strategy. Due to the situation of the AB Organisation company we
consider that the best strategy for change is the Four Phase Model of
planned change of Bullock and Batten(1985).

This strategy will describes Planned change through two major
dimensions: change phase and change process.

So we are going to follow 4 steps in our change program, to change the
present situation of AB Organisation.4

The first phase consist in explore and decide if we want to realise
changes in the AB Organisational...

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