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The young and beautiful Stella Kowalski-DuBois is carefree and overall a happy woman. But sometimes, things get in the way of her happiness, whether it be her husband, Stanley, going on about how he dislikes her sister, Blanche, or Stanley continuously putting his hands on Stella. The question here is, why does Stella stay with such a manipulative man? Is it Stanley who won't let Stella leave? Or is it Stella who doesn't make an attempt to leave? By Stella constantly forgiving Stanley for hitting her and not attempting to leave, she is allowing Stanley to believe she'll take him back no matter what, making it harder every time for her to escape. Stella is ultimately responsible for the abusive and unstable relationship.
Most people would agree that nobody, man or woman, deserves to be a victim of domestic abuse and treated as if they are worthless. Stella is a victim, but her good heart comes into play even after Stanley hits her. In scene four of A Streetcar Named Desire, Stella explains to Blanche why Stanley hitting her wasn't as big of a deal as Blanche was making it. She tells Blanche, "He didn't know what he was doing... He was as good as a lamb when I came back and he's really very, very ashamed of himself" (Williams, pg. 72). Stella makes excuses for her husband's behavior and she forgives him, even though she knows it isn't right. At this point in her life, Stella has become immune to the treatment she has been receiving since she married Stanley. She believes it won't happen again, but every time she forgives him, she allows it to happen again. Even though Stella has that good characteristic of a forgiving person, she is allowing Stanley to believe it is okay to put his hands on her and no matter what he does, she will stay with him and make excuses for him.
Along with her forgiving heart, Stella is also blinded by the love she has for Stanley. It is impossible to change someone who doesn't want to be changed, and in this case, Stanley does not want to be changed. Stanley will always be an...

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