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A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
Henthorne, Susan. "A Streetcar Named Desire." Masterplots, Fourth Edition (2010): 1-4. Literary Reference Center. Web 2 Dec. 2013.
William Portrays in this play the reality of people's lives. It has a frank
presentation of sexual issues. It was not meant to foresee the autobiographical
elements of his life, but to show the reality of people's everyday lives. Dramatic
devices are often used in this play to refine meaning. As when Blanche DuBois
pointed herself out “ Like an Orchard in Spring” this is ironic. Blanche arrived
by the two streetcars Cemeteries, and Desire. These names foreshadow the
reiterate images of death and desire throughout the play.
A Streetcar Named Desire shows how a family wants to be elsewhere
then where they are. They want a fresh start, the idea is to get away to a
different life. The name of the streetcar is named Desire.
Hovis, George. "Fifty Percent Illusion": The Mask Of The Southern Belle In Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire. "Critical insights Tennessee Williams. 171-
189 n.p.: 2010. Literary Reference Center. Web 3 Dec. 2013.
William points out how the character Blanche DuBois was a washed up
Southern-Belle who found herself staying with her sister Blanche. The tragedy of
Blanche is that her life isn't connected with reality. She has been in an alcoholic
flight from reality. Her judgment on Stella's husband is based on prejudice, and
snobbery. She believes he tyrannize his wife, and treats her disrespectfully.
Blanche ends up being despoiled by Stanley. But no one Believes her, so she is
sent to a mental institution. Blanche is a manipulative, desperate woman who has failed society and lost her family fortune.
Blanche is one of the main characters in the play, she is loquacious and a fragile woman around the age of thirty. She puts on as a woman who has never known indignity. Blanche's misfortune grows along with her instability.
Isaac, Dan. "CRITICAL READINGS: No Past To Think In: Who Wins In A Streetcar Named Desire?."Critical Insights A streetcar Named Desire(2010): 154-189. Literary Reference Center. Web. 4 Dec. 2013.
Tennessee Williams used part of himself, to shape the character Blanche. H
He explored new modes of sexuality, his feelings and enigma. He admitted to a
playwright character that Blanche didn't lose after all. She wasn't even done,
it was going to be something done after she was arrested and sent to a mental
institution. In fact she was going to seduce the young doctors and be let free. She
would soon open her own boutique in the French Quarter. So even though she
may have had a hard time, it eventually played out how she wanted it to.
Blanche is one of the main characters. Her position in this play played out very well due to all the Symbols, Motifs, and Figurative Language. The play has
many twists and unexpected events occurring throughout it.

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