A Strong And Free Society Needs Both Public Engagement And Government Intervention

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In an ideal society with perfect government, there would be a perfect combination of public social engagement, private interest, and government intervention that would maximize the benefit to society. This perfect combination is unattainable and unknowable because it could only happen in an ideal society with perfect individuals. Unfortunately, society today is not ideal and does not have perfect individuals. Therefore, there is a debate as to the right combination of public social engagement and government intervention. There definitely needs to be a combination because society cannot function if there is no government intervention, a laissez-faire attitude, or if there is total government intervention like in a communist government. For there to be a highly functioning, strong, and successful society there needs to be strong public engagement, some government intervention in regards to economic needs and some social concerns, and public interest needs to be a priority .
A strong, free democratic society cannot exist without the public’s engagement in social concerns to foster democratic traditions. Civil Society is a “realm of organized social life that is voluntary, self-generating, (largely) self-supporting, autonomous from the state, and bound by a legal order or set of shared rules” (Diamond 146). Civil Society must be active because it serves many functions to promote a democratic society. A strong civil society serves four important functions:
1.) It “[contains] the power of democratic governments, checking their potential abuses and violation of the law” (Diamond 147). Civil Society does this by “monitoring democratic states and finding where it needs to restrain exercise of their power” (Diamond 147). Doing this strengthens the democracy because it makes sure that the government does not become too powerful and turn into a communist, or another authoritative, government.
2.) It helps develop other democratic attributes, “such as tolerance, moderation, willingness to compromise, and a respect for opposing viewpoints” (Diamond 147). These attributes are necessary because it promotes a stable society in which the people can debate and “cooperate to solve the problems of their own communities”, something that democracy is built on (Diamond 148).
3.) It “generates opportunities for participation and influence at all levels of governance, which provides a strong foundation for democracy” (Diamond 148). With more than just the federal government able to have influence, it gives the people more of a voice and with this sense of enablement; people will be more interested in society and making it better, thus making a stronger society.
4.) “It recruits and trains new political leaders” (Diamond 148). This is important to a strong democracy because society is implementing skills and confidence into future leaders that will help these leaders to serve well in government that the general society will agree with because they are the ones who...

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