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men in the painting. The painting highlights Infanta Margarita, daughter of King Philip IV, her servants, and Velázquez himself. The painting seems very busy but some parts go unnoticed at a first glance. The king and queen in the background, the shadows of other paintings, and Velázquez’s self involvement are all elements of the painting that can symbolize lessons about power, especially with American presidents.
One of the most important details in the painting is the image of King Philip IV and Queen Mariana of Austria. They can be seen in the background in a spotlighted area. The main question about their presence is whether the royals are shown in a mirror or a portrait. One option is that the royals are highlighted in their current portrait on the back wall, and it has been lit to show the importance of their current power. The other, more logical option is that the king and queen are being shown in a mirror, and Velazquez is painting them on the canvas in front of him. This creates an illusion for the viewers. The most spotlighted figure in the painting is Infanta Margarita who symbolizes the future of the Spanish monarchy. The King and Queen are only shown in the background to show the present state of royalty. It is important to still honor the current leaders while keeping high hopes for the future of the monarchy. This concept of respect is timeless. Many people would argue that this mindset would help Americans in today’s world. The country is completely divided by politics. Many people do not like our current President Barrack Obama. Nevertheless, he is still the current leader of the nation and that cannot be changed. Many people cannot wait until 2016 when America will vote on a new leader, but they should just accept the situation we have been placed in and make the most of it. Respect should be given to the current power holder while high hopes should be had for the future.
While talking about time and history, one can see that the darkened portraits in the background add to the mystery of this piece of art. If one looks closely, they can notice the outline of many frames decorating the dim walls. It can be imagined that the portraits are of former royalty. The frames are still somewhat visible because the impact of their reign is still felt by the people in today’s world. The faces are...

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