A Powerful Impact: The Baroque Music

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Hello, this paper is boring. If you don’t like reading about music stuff, go read The Three Little Pigs. But if you do happen to be one of those people who love to read about boring music people then please, be my guest and read these outrageously long pages filled with outrageously, hard to comprehend words. So either goodnight or good luck.
The Baroque music period was a time for great composers. Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frederic Handel were two of the most talented musicians that lived during the 1600-1750s. Handel’s breath-taking, beautiful water music and Bach’s intriguing Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 2: Prelude and Fugue in C Major became well-known musical compositions. These two pieces of music are great examples that showcase their many incredible talents.
The Baroque music period was a style of European classical music during the 1600 to 1750s. There were several talented composers, such as Bach, Handel, who used unique styles with many entertaining instruments. The strings, brass and wind instruments were most popular during this time period. Baroque music was characterized by the emotional, flowering music composed in strict forms, used in operas, concertos, Grossos, suites, and sonatas. Although Baroque style music today sounds “well-behaved”, at the time it began, it was considered highly emotional. During this time period, composers experimented with various types of exciting instruments breaking typical musical rules of how transitions were supposed to flow. This Baroque style of music stretched the musical norms of the seventeenth century.
George Frederic Handel was born in 1685, in Halle on the Saale River in Thuringia, Germany on February 23rd. Though his father had fully intended and planned for him to pursue law, Handel’s own musical desire always seemed to have been clear to him. At age 18, in 1703, he traveled to Hamburg, where he took a job as a violinist at the Hamburg Opera and gave private lessons to support himself. He became acquainted with Johann Matheson and together they traveled to Buxtehude in Lubeck in that first year of friendship. There in Lubeck, Handel’s first two operas, Almira and Nero, were produced. Handel journeyed all over preforming his magnificent pieces to kings and queens, lord and ladies, and many others in that society. In April 1742, the Messiah one of his most famous pieces was performed for the first time. The Messiah was an unqualified success, taking its place among the finest and best-loved works ever composed. On his last performance of the Messiah, on April 6th 1759 nearly blind and very weak he stated, “I want to die on Good Friday, in the hope of rejoining the good God, my sweet Lord and Savior, on the day of His resurrection.” On the morning the 14th of that same month, the day of Good Friday, he breathed his last. Although Handel was gone, his music has endured to the present.
The Water Music is a collection of orchestral movements, often published as three suites,...

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