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A Struggle That Leads To Growth

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A Struggle that Leads to Growth

We all live in the same planet, yet some people hide their faces or
either moving away from their struggles and some is positive and
confident to overcome their obstacles. Anyone who faces with a
struggle in their life is in a continual battle and only the one who
stands firmly through all the barriers will be victorious in the end.
I think that even with all the power and understanding we have, if one
gives up their life simply because of their struggle, then that person
also lacks hope and courage to fight against their barrier and he or
she definitely fails. The struggle in our life is like a massive
bricked wall in the course of your life, we can either choose to
conquer it with an optimistic attitude or choose to be pessimistic and
stay in the exact position. I myself too have struggles in life and
that is my struggle for true knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge, is as
simple as it may sound, however what I struggle in knowledge is
something greater and more complex than it may sound.

As student, I am exposed to knowledge everyday ranging from the arts
to the abstract theories of math and science. I am definitely sure
that many of us require time to digest the numerous data inputted in
our brains everyday and nonetheless there are some of us who struggle
against the new knowledge that we’re engulfed with. In elementary
school that was what I believe the struggle that hinders me from
climbing to the summit of knowledge. Perhaps because I was only in
the early stages of my childhood, therefore I wasn’t sure what the
true meaning of knowledge was. In addition, I began to develop a plan
and strategy to surmount the difficulties I have in school and this is
also a continuous project that I have confidence in completing it.

As I enter high school, my perspectives to life broaden, and once
again what I sought for and the definition of my personal struggle
varies too. Knowledge to me in high school is not limited in the
eight specific courses we take but nevertheless the significance of
wisdom and striving to expand our global perspectives also becomes
another step in shattering the...

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