A Student According To Ted Kooser

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Ted Kooser’s poem “Student” underlines how the life of a student truly is. As we were discussing in class our insights of the poem “Student” by Ted Kooser, Omar Mejia mentioned how he found a comparison with a turtle in the poem. I have imagined a baby turtle and their journey when is born and running trying to reach the sea. I picture the life of a turtle, which life starts in the sand and after its journey to their future begins. Somehow I agree with this idea. As I imagined the complicate and hard life that a sea turtle must have I also recall how the life of a student could be as hard and complicate. Sometimes the life of a student can be as complicated, busy, unclear, stressful, glad, sad, depressing, demanding and joyful and so on and so forth.
The life of a student is a life full of responsibilities Kooser first mentions the best friend of a student “The green shell of his backpack”(Line 1). A backpack that will be the company of the student during most of the studying time in which the student will carry their books, notes and maybe a computer. As of me I have my backpack most of the time at school from classroom to the dinning room as from the chapel to my spiritual direction meting or formation meeting as well. The backpack is also the “green shell”(1) for the student. This shell maybe makes a student feel secure because on it have the material for classes, the homework to present and on it somehow is a part of the student future. From my personal experience I am more secure when carrying my backpack because I know that what I need for my classes is in there, and also when I don't have my backpack I feel myself out-of-place at school. Then Kooser mention “wave after wave of responsibility”(2) the many responsibilities that a student have may include from the simple of attend every class, be on time, complete homework and assignments, but also respect the teacher’s time and effort for the class. Some of these responsibilities bring a lot of pressure and stress under the student.
Occasionally a student can be overburden with homework and assignments that bring a sense of a never less and interminable work. The student makes a big effort to fulfill their responsibilities as is stated, “He has extended his neck to its full length, and his chin, hard as a beck”(5). Once we are a student sometimes we do not see the fruit of the effort of hard-working nights or of sacrifice time keeping away from friends and family. Being a student sometimes can be as trying to make our last effort to do things.
The life of the student always have a funny, relax and healthy times. Like most of the schools sports are a good resource to make a balance in the life of the students. Kooser declared, “He’s got his baseball cap on/...

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