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A Student To Another: Macbook Pro

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For most college students, college can be a very expensive experience. Most likely the most expensive thing they will be paying for, other than tuition, is a new laptop. People say that you can survive college without your own computer, I find that very false. Classes today usually involve papers and projects that need to be done on a computer and the only place I could think of that offers free computer usage is the library. The libraries that I know of aren’t open 24 hours of the day; in order to get a project done you will have to conform to their hours. As a college student, I have had to get a job. I never have time to go to the library, which means if I didn’t have my own computer, I ...view middle of the document...

I believe the only challenging part was switching from a windows computer to a Mac because the close program button is very different and on the opposite side of the screen.
Another objective I am evaluating is the mouse. The mouse is just one big button, which for me took a while to learn how to use it. Instead of having two buttons for a right and left click, its just one big mouse pad. The click is already defaulted to be a right click so in order to left click you have to put two fingers on the pad and click. Another feature of mouse in the ability to move the page up or down with just putting two fingers on the mouse pad and move them in the direction you want the page to go. Which makes surfing the web or reading a paper even easier to do. Whenever I have to use my parents windows laptop, I struggle trying to move the page up and down, thinking that it has the same feature as my Mac.
The only problem I have with my mac is the glossy screen. When trying to write a paper, the last thing I need to see is a reflection of myself on the screen, after all I am a girl, talk about distraction! During the process of writing this paper, I have gotten distracted so many times that it has taken a week for me to write it. A day before...

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