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A Study In Dna Essay

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The field of genetic research is a vast realm of undiscovered mysteries that lied beyond our imagination half a century ago. With the rapid advancement of genetic research and engineering the possibilities of helping the mankind have mushroomed enormously. But with these possibilities are also attached some responsibilities that one must observe for the ethical purposes.Genetic research is a new field with relatively few regulations, thus putting a genetic researcher in charge of their own conduct. Tinkering with a strand of Deoxyribonucleic acid opens up unlimited possibilities. If I was a genetic researcher I would supplement the use of animals to produce drugs. Insulin, the lifeline of a diabetic is created by genetically engineered bacteria, by introducing a gene from a cow's liver into the bacteria. This method has become a norm for the past several decades, saving millions of dollars and thousands of hours of time. But when the idea of using animals like sheep's, rabbits etc- to produce drugs is discusses, it sparks controversy among people from different walks of life.Genetics is interesting and promising to me because it offers true opportunities to discover something new while at the same time helping the ill. By discovering something new and beneficial one can infuse personal innovation into the scientific community, one can become part of a rung of a bridge that is trying to reduce the distance between the unknown and the known. Genetics is interesting to me because it provides an immense opportunity for me to alleviate suffering of millions of people by participating in the crusade of thousands of diseases.By first decoding human genome in much more detail like the exemplatory human genome project, I would start decoding the wealth of information stored in specific genes. Once properly translated I would closely examine the connection of that gene to any particular disease or deficiency. I think that it would become a lot easier to develop a drug for a disease once we...

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