An Examination Of American Female Adolescents

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African American female adolescence (who live in urban areas) compared to female caucasion female adolescence (who live in suburban areas) have a lot of differences amongst themselves. Among adults and children has increased dramatically in the past 20 years to reach epidemic proportions, and health care costs of excessive weight are estimated at more than $98 billion a year. In a previous study investigating risk factors for cardiovascular disease in a poor, rural county in Tennessee, the authors found that morbid African American female adolescence (who live in urban area) compared to caucasion female adolescence (who live in suburban areas was 6 times more common in urban African-American female adolescents than men, particularly middle-aged urban African-American female adolescents, and self-reported health status among obese urban African-American female adolescents was significantly lower than that of urban African-American female adolescents who were not obese. It is unknown, however, whether these findings are limited to this specific geographic area, or whether it is as common a risk factor in other areas of the southeastern United States.

According to data obtained from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (HANES) II (1976-1980) and HANES III (1988-1991), the age-adjusted prevalence rate for African American female adolescence (who lives in urban area) compared to caucasion female adolescence (who live in suburban areas increased from 20.6% to 25.4% in urban African-American female adolescents, an annual increase of 0.9%. The 1991 National Health Interview Survey found that, overall, urban African-American female adolescents who live in the southern United States have higher weight-height ratios and a lower self-reported health status than urban African-American female adolescents who live in the other 4 major geographic regions. Several socioeconomic factors have been investigated to explain these phenomena, including the effects of living in rural areas, income and educational levels, and family (marital) status.

Armstrong reported on the changing trends in mortality rates, comparing white urban African-American female adolescents in states (all regions) that were classified as rural in 1940 and rural, moderately urban, or strongly urban in 1980. Their findings indicated that, in 1980, rural white urban African-American female adolescents had higher mortality rates from heart and cerebrovascular disease than urban African American female adolescence. In a separate study, Greenberg reported finding more African American female adolescence (who live in urban area) compared to caucasion female adolescence (who live in suburban areas and hypertension among rural African-American female adolescents, findings suggesting causal links between African American female adolescence (who live in urban area) compared to caucasion female adolescence (who live in suburban areas and higher mortality rates.

The results of...

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