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A Study Of Culture In Retail Industry: Core Values And Concepts

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Managing Work Organizations ProjectDate: - 27/11/2013A Study of Culture in Ratail Industry:Core Values and ConceptsGroup No. : 4Receiver: - Distribution List:-Dr Shivdasini Singh Amin Mr Praveen Gupta(Associate Professor (Prog Coordinator PGDM Gen)GM and OB/HR) Ms. Nandi Naliwal(Head - Library)Letter of TransmittalDate: - 26/11/2013To,Prof. Shivdasini Singh AminFrom: - Group No. 4Respected ma'am,This is to certify that the project work entitled "A Study of Culture in Retail Industry: Core Values and Concepts" is a work carried out by Group No. 4, a group of Section A /PGDM General as a part of internal assessment for Trimester II. This project aims to explain the role of culture with respect to three organizations in the retail industry.SignatureAnand Sharma (22)Richa Pancholy (23)Pallavi Sharma (24)Gaurav Tikiya (25)Ashim Nijhawan (26)Ashutosh Dubey(27)Pratik Bansal(28)AcknowledgementThe successful completion of this project would not have been possible without the kind support and guidance of professors and resources at our institute. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of them.We are highly indebted to Prof Shivdasini Singh Amin for her guidance and constant supervision as well as for providing necessary information regarding the project & also for their support in completing the project.We would like to express sincere gratitude towards the members of the library for their kind co-operation and patience in helping us with completion of this project.Our thanks and appreciations are also to our batch mates in developing the project and people who have willingly helped us out with their abilities.PrefaceIn the modern business environment, the concept of organizational culture and climate has widely come to be recognized as a vital component of any workplace behavior across all industries.Every organization has a culture that, depending on its strengths, can have a significant influence on the attitudes and behavior of organization members. Thus, the project, "A Study of Culture in Retail Industry: Core Values and Concepts" has been carried out with the aim of acquiring an in depth understanding of the role of culture and highlighting the differences in organizational cultures across three diverse retail organizations.Organizations are mini - societies that have their own distinctive patterns of cultures subcultures. The analysis of this factor has relevance due to the fact that the internal environment of the organization, or the organizational culture, has an impact, in turn on the the organization is perceived on the outside. The retail industry is no exception. The core values prevelant in each of the organizations will influence the workforce, the customers, and of course, the success of the business.Retail is extremely people centric - whether the people in question are intrinsic or extrinsic in nature. In the same vein, cultures get their power from all the people within them. With the study of the three major retail...

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A Study Of Culture In Retail Industry: Core Values And Concepts

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