A Study Of Digital Literacy In A Marginalised Community

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Many young students enter into higher education with less focus and understanding of the digital and computing skills which is beneficial for higher education. Current as well in future, most of the new jobs will require excellent digital skills and work will be based only on the digital world, improving digital literacy is an essential part of the higher education and training.Courses either full or part time will help the young learners to learn the subjects in the digital world enable students to gain the skills and confidence they need to use digital technology not only to support their learning but also in the work environment.
Definition - Digital Literacy:
The concept of digital literacy was introduced by Paul Gilster in his book of the same name (Gilster 1997). Gilster took a broad approach to digital literacy defining it as ‘the ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide range of sources when it is presented via computers’. Now digital literacy we mean those capabilities which fit an individual for living, learning and working in a digital society: for example, the skills to use digital tools to undertake academic research, writing and critical thinking; as part of personal development planning; and as a way of showcasing achievements.
Digital Literacy Skills:
No evidence is required to claim that in our current rural society digital library skills are inadequate. At present, studies shown that many college students do not have enough skills and expertise to exploit the digital environment. Many have difficulties even in the basic access and search , and lack the critical skills required to effectively navigate technology and the Internet. An abundance of educational materials and learning resources are available online for students to reinforce or delve more deeply into class lessons. Cities encounter with both quantity and quality digital access whereas in the rural setting, the situation is far from the standard. The digital divide still exists in the ability to access even not in the tools. Thus to evolve strategies for teaching digital skills, it is apparent to document the reality in digital literacy.
Research Approach:
This study is based on an assessment of the awareness as well as the use of digital skills drawn through the survey. We do hope that such a study will enable to gain an understanding of potential opportunities to enhance digital literacy and basic Computing and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) skills of users in rural and remote settings. The study is based on an examination of digital tools use in a purposely random sample of 157 undergraduate students in Sri Sarada College for women, Ariyakulam, Tirunelveli (see Table ). The research was based on a socio-cultural framework of digital literacy, which considers the way digital environments and contexts shape and constrain the way meaning-making with diverse types of resources occurs in a rural...

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