A Study Of Gladiator Essay

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A Study of Gladiator

This is a study of the 1999 box-office hit, Gladiator, starring
Russell Crowe. In this article, I will be looking at camera shots,
soundtrack, special effects and other things, that enhance the viewing
of the film, and increase its quality. We watched the first forty
minutes of the film, and were asked to analyse its media attributes.

The film is set in the Caesar period, at the end of the reign of Marco
Aurelius. The main opening scene is set in Germania, and it is the
beginning of a battle, but the end of a war, between the Roman legion
and some barbarians.

The very first scene is not a reality shot, it's a "dream" shot. The
scene itself is at Maximus' home, in his cornfield, walking along,
while brushing his hand through the wheat. This scene shows that while
Maximus is a great general and a noble leader, he really would like to
go home, to see his wife and child. The camera angle used in the scene
shows the view from Maximus' legs.

Having shown this dream, the film quickly proceeds to the next scene,
which starts off showing Maximus looking at a robin. This is good for
the scene; it could be filmed showing Maximus' last look at peace
before he goes into battle. The shot is filmed through Maximus' eyes,
then zooming out to show that it is Maximus looking at the robin.
After this scene, Maximus is shown talking to Quintus about the battle
ahead. Quintus asks Maximus about the range, because he is concerned
that they are not close enough, but Maximus replies, "the range is
good." This shows Maximus' confidence, and this obviously shows he is
experienced in battle and an influential leader. Maximus then mounts
his horse, and turns to Quintus and says, "on my signal; unleash
hell." Again, in this phrase Maximus shows confidence and I don't
think he knows completely what the infantries' plan is, but he just
wants them to distract the barbarians and create an immovable object.

Having spoken to Quintus, Maximus rides his horse over to the cavalry.
I noticed that on the way to the cavalry all of the infantry Maximus
passes rises, probably in honour and to show their respect for him.
The camera follows Maximus on his horse, while showing all of the
soldiers in the background. Then, when Maximus reaches the rest of his
cavalry, the camera angle changes, to the view of an onlooker, looking
at all of the cavalry surrounding Maximus. Then, the angle again
changes to being closer to Maximus, and shows him talking to the men
about how if they fall down and wake up in green grass, they are
already dead, in the kingdom of Elysium.

This is significant because he is giving his men confidence, and he is
making them feel better because they may be in the face of death. This
also shows the influence Maximus himself has over them, not just
because of his...

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