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A Study Of Hollow Village In Tang Dong Village, Zhuji, Nanxiong, Guangdong In 2011

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Case study:
Since the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, the demand of the migrant workers are significantly increase, as the result, the phenomenon of Hollow Villages are also correspondingly worsening in every province in China. Till to 2012, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the PRC, there are totally 2.69 hundred million migrant workers in China, and 2.36 hundred million of them are the recurrent population . However, according to the data which announced by NBSC, there are only 6.74 hundred million rural populations till to 2012, that means nearly 40% of the rural population have left their hometown. No wonder there are so many ...view middle of the document...

As the result, there are only around 1000 resident population and most of them are the elderly and children. The policy of government of Nanxiong for remediating Tang Dong village is that first remove the old building, and rebuild the new one in the later on. Till to 2012, Tang Dong village had been spared totally 288.49 acres of land and more than 100 old building had been removed.
After that, the government had set aside totally 6000 square meters of land from the village for the resident to rebuild their new houses and allowed the household, who do not have the ability to rebuild the new house, to live in a school in Tang Dong village. Moreover, 2000 square meters of land in village are used to become a cultural square, which is a leisure venue for the resident, it cost the government more than 2million. Furthermore, in those 288.49 acres of land, the government allowed 46.7 acres of them are retained the original purpose, 66.42 acres of them are used for village building and 176 acres of them are used for land restoration. Also, the government has provided each household $15RMB per square meters of their land as a subsidy and free to provide the facilities for supplying water, electricity and communication to the resident.

It cannot be denied that, the living environment of the Tang Dong village resident has been improved after the reconstruction of the village, however, it cannot achieve the purpose of Hollow Villages remediation. The purpose of Hollow Villages remediation, in fact, is to reduce the land wastage, and attract the migrant workers returning to the rural for production, so as to achieve the result in urbanizing the rural and reducing the recurrent population in urban.

However, under nowadays policy, the framing land in China is owned by farmer collective, peasantries are not allow to sale or try to change of farm land use in private, but are authorized to use the land for framing only. That means even the 176 acres land in Tang Dong village has restored, the only way they can be used is for farming. As we all know that, farming nowadays has been seen as an industry with low efficiency and low income, most of the younger generation are willing to become a migrant workers more than a farmer because the income of being a migrant worker in urban is much higher than being a farmer, even they cannot get the same welfare as a urban resident under the hukou system. In addition, the convenient and wonderful live in urban is also one of the factors that the migrant workers are not willing to return to the rural, because living in rural is nothing like as good as in urban. I am not saying the government done a bad job in Hollow Villages remediation, but the government can do more for urbanize the rural. For example, the government should not only reconstruct the village, but also invest on building the infrastructure, on the one hand it can provide more working opportunity for the migrant workers, on the other hand, the rural village...

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