A Study Of Learning Disabled Students Engagement In Inclusive Classrooms Apa Format

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A Study of Learning Disabled StudentsEngagement in Inclusive Classrooms.Massey UniversityFor decades studies have shown that college students learn more when they direct their efforts to a variety of educationally purposeful activities.(Kuh 2003) Research also suggests that the engaged behavior of students with disabilities is the single best predictor of academic gains (Greenwood 1990; Bulgren 1993). High motivation and engagement in learning have consistently been linked to reduced dropout rates and increased levels of student success (Woods 1995; Blank 1997; Dev 1997; Kushman 2000). Thus, if general education classrooms promote the active engagement of students with disabilities, it would be expected that academic achievement would also be improved. Kuh suggests that the very act of being engaged adds to the foundation of skills and dispositions essential to living a productive, satisfying life after college (Kuh 2003)Research shows that students with disabilities are more engaged in academic activities in inclusive classrooms than in segregated classrooms (Hunt 1994; Logan 1997) They were also found to spend more time with the class doing the same activities rather than parallel or separate activities. This is a significant outcome, as students' sense of belonging, self-esteem, and engagement are all affected by participating in the regular activities of the classroom alongside their peers (Schnorr 1990; Williams 1998) The more students study a subject, the more they learn about it. Likewise, the more students practice and get feedback on their writing, analyzing or problem solving, the more adept they become. (Kuh 2003) Students who are involved in these educationally productive activities develop habits that enlarge their capacity for continuous learning and personal development. (Kuh 2003)However students can be surrounded by impressive resources and not routinely encounter classes or take part in activities that engage them in authentic learning(Kuh 2003) Keeping students interested in school and motivating them to succeed are challenges that present themselves year after year to even the most seasoned teachers. In fact, numerous studies have shown that student engagement in school drops considerably as students get older (Anderman 1998) There are many reasons why students become less engaged in learning as they grow older, including influences from both within and outside the school. The earliest influences on children's motivation to learn are parents and others in the home. When students enter school, their level of interest and desire to engage in learning are also heavily influenced by teachers, administrators, the school environment, and their classmates (Lumsden 1994) Peer pressure increases with age. By the time students reach middle school, lack of interest in schoolwork becomes increasingly apparent in more and more students, and by high school, as dropout rates attest, too many students are not sufficiently motivated to succeed...

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