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A Study Of Parables Taken From Luke's Gospel

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A Study of Parables Taken From Luke's Gospel

This coursework is about parables taken from Luke's Gospel. I plan to
investigate different areas of parables. Starting from what the term
parable mean. Then I will move my studies to discussing the meaning
and relevance of parables to Christians today. From there I will focus
my work on debating about whether parables are still relevant today.

GCSE Religious Coursework

Question ai - what is meant by the term parable?

In the dictionary the term parable is described as "a story told to
illustrate a moral or spiritual truth". The term parable also has a
more significant meaning to it. Parables are some of the best stories,
which are known to us from Jesus. There are many different parables or
stories such as "the good Samaritan" or "the lost sheep".

The word "parable" means "to put beside" or "to compare" and it
describes a type of story, which has a parallel meaning that you could
put along side it. The word "parable" derives from the Greek word
"parobles". These stories were not fantasy tales but were taken from
everyday lives. The old explanation for the term parable is parable "
an earthly story with a heavenly meaning". It is very easy to
recognize why parables are described as " comparisons" because in many
parables there is a popular theme associated with comparing the
kingdom of God with objects and people. For example in the parable of
the "lost son" also known as the "prodigal son". The forgiveness from
the kingdom of God is compared to human forgiveness. Another example
is in the parable of "the lost sheep" where we humans are compared
with sheep that go astray.

Some parables are very short, with one or two lines. For example:

"People who are well do not need a doctor, but only those who are
sick." This is followed by the parallel meaning:" I have not come to
heal respectable people to repent, but outcasts." This parable is
found in Luke 5:31-32. Other parables of Jesus are longer stories,
like the famous parable of the "Prodigal son" which takes up
twenty-one verses in Luke 15.

Jesus used parables as teaching tools. He used them to get points
across and are used to get us thinking about our behaviours, attitudes
and hopefully to change them. Often parables make us face particular
issues, which relate to everyday life. A parable usually has only one
main point to make. This means the smaller details of the story are
not important themselves, and it is likely these changed, as parables
were re-told. The details only serve to make the story realistic, to
keep the readers attention and to help put over the central meaning of
the parable.

Stories often capture people's imagination. Jesus told these parables
to ordinary people who often could not read or write. This meant the
parables had to be simple and...

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