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The objective of this experiment was to study different pulley systems and determine their actual and Theoretical Mechanical Advantages and there efficiency. This was accomplished by setting up various pulley arrangements on a stable platform these systems consisted of 3 and 4 pulleys in a block and tackle like fashion. The loads the pulleys were tested with, weighed in the range 250 -500 grams and an effort required to balance these loads was determined through experimentation. These Results were plotted and it was determined that the 3 pulley system had a Actual Mechanical Advantage (AMA) of 2.5 this was in correlation to the Theoretical Mechanical Advantage (TMA) of (3.0 ), showing that the 3 pulley system had an efficiency of 84 %. The second pulley had an AMA of (3.7) and a TMA of (4.0) this produced an efficiency of 91%. From these results It can be determined that there is a force of friction acting on the pulley system and Mechanical advantage can only be used as a estimate for determining the force needed. Ways to improve the estimate include making the pulleys as small as possible and to eliminate friction by lubricating all possible surfaces.Table of ContentsAbstract 2Table of contents 3Purpose Importance and Theory 4Procedure and Apparatus 5Observation and Results 6Discussion and Conclusion 7Reference 8Sample Calculations 9Purpose, Importance and Theory The purpose of this experiment was to investigate pulleys and there properties in different arrangements.The importance of this experiment is rooted in the need of understanding the nature of work. In ancient days pulleys were the mainstay of construction and today they still are. A basic working knowledge of pulleys is essential for any student in engineering. In its simplest form a pulley is wheel with a grove in it. The wheel is mounted to a support structure so it can move freely a rope is placed in the grove and one end is attached to the load and the other to the effortDiagram 1 simple pulleyPulleys are simple machines, a machine is basically defined as a device that used to change the magnitude or direction of a force a machine does not make more energy to make the work easier it just makes the forces easier to deal with. The amount of ease the machine makes it is called Mechanical advantage, this is quantified by dividing the load by the effort or by dividing the distance the effort moves by how far the load moves. For example if a load of 2 N was lifted by 1N of force the load will have moved 1 m for every 2 m the effort moved. Mechanical advantage is divided into 2 categories Theoretical and Actual Mechanical advantage (TMA, AMA). The TMA of a pulley system can be calculated by looking at the forces acting on the load (counting the number of strands holding up the load). AMA is calculated through experimentation this is done by dividing the load by the actual force required to lift itEfficiency is a...

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