A Study Of Rural Development Policy 2007 2013, Based On The Strengthening Of Family Farming And The Improvement Of The Next Cap

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4.2 Axis 2 - Improving the environment and the countryside
Interventions of this axis aimed at protecting soil and water resources, mitigation of climate change, biodiversity conservation, protection and preservation of the rural landscape, and improve of the forests ecological stability. These interventions were divided into two major sub-topics, the sustainable use of agricultural land and sustainable use of forestry land (CR1698/2005, Art. 36-51).

4.2.1 Sustainable use of agricultural land
These measures were aimed primarily at supporting producer incomes aid that will offset the additional costs and income foregone by the producers due to geomorphological regional handicap action. ...view middle of the document...

Measure 215 involved in animal welfare payments. Countries that have adopted this measure are Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ougaria, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, and England (Eurogroup for Animals, 2010).

Measure 216 involved in supporting non-productive investments, i.e. investments that do not have an economic life benefit for farms but quality. The farmlands are an integral part of the habitat of wildlife, since there finds its food wild bird population. However, there are cases where the coexistence of farming and wildlife such as the Bear and the Wolf in the same environment, creates problems, both economic viability of farms, due to large losses attributed to wild animals, and other anthropogenic mortality of wild animals. The biggest problems lie mostly in beekeeping, and secondarily on other farms, in vegetables, vines and arable and tree crops. This measure follows the logic of economic support for farms for installation of production tools for protection of wildlife.

4.2.2 Sustainable use of forestry land
The second theme of the second axis related to income support for forest owners. These measures are related to the financial support to producers who undertake afforestation of agricultural and non-agricultural land, as well as measures that gave incentives to increase the aesthetic value of an area (CR1698/2005, Art. 36).

Measures 221 and 222 and 223 are aimed at first afforestation of agricultural land, the first establishment of agroforestry systems on agricultural land, and the first afforestation of non-agricultural land. These measures were purely environmental in nature and aimed at enhancing the corrosion protection and enrichment of the aquifer, conservation of biodiversity and increased plant mass, and climate change mitigation. The Greek state has adopted the measure 221 which concerned the first afforestation of agricultural land.

Measure 224 related to Natura 2000 payment for forest and aimed at the preservation, maintenance and restoration of a sufficient diversity and area of habitats and habitats in areas NATURA 2000 sites for all species of wild birds, and to maintain suitable conditions nesting and breeding species through support private forest owners or associations. The purpose was to offset the costs and income foregone resulting from the restrictions contained in the implementation of Directives 79/409/EEC and 92/43/EEC in specific areas.

Measure 225 involved in forest-environment payments, and aimed at strengthening forest owners. This measure was not adopted by the Greek state.

Measure 226 involved in restoring forestry potential and introducing prevention actions against the devastating effects of fire. The ultimate objective is to improve conditions for fire prevention, protection of public forests and woodlands, ensuring the conservation of biological diversity, increase biodiversity, water balance in river basins, the prevention of natural hazards (fires, floods, and erosion soil) and climate...


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