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A Study Of Toxic Leaders In The Modern World

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From the anti-Jews case of Adol Hitler to the distressing fraud action of Jeff skilling in Enron, considering the conning case of Charles Keating to the case of Dennis Kozlowski, and from the brutal case of Chairman Mao Zedong of china to the fierce act of Albert. J. Dunlap of Sunbeam (Lipman-Blumen, 2004). One can therefore say the antiquity of politics and business enterprises is heavily endowed with toxic leaders. These self-destructed people crave power so much that they make extremely vicious decisions meant to benefit them and degrade others. Toxic leaders intent to control everyone around them, they accept and enjoy the work credit of their followers and conclusively deny any blame. Even though these toxic leaders shine in the moment of grandeur, they ultimately have a habit of failing horribly, abandoning their businesses in shreds and setting their embarrassing deeds in history.
Plethora of these heartless yet proficient leaders have been seen in recent eras comparatively as anti-social persons, humanitarians and saints hardly strive for positions in political or corporate government. These leaders believe that certain traits like self-effacement and altruism are of little help to someone in a political system. It is a leader’s nature to be ambitious and competitive, dedicated, charismatic and intelligent, confident and cunning. Nonetheless one thing to keep in mind is that those features can push a leader’s approach and overall behavior to change into the state of toxicity.
Who is a toxic leader?
Giving a clear definition of who a toxic leader is can almost be impossible as it is very tricky. Heroic leaders like Alexandra the great, franklin Roosevelt, Roberto Goizueta, Abraham Lincoln, Bobby knight or Mother Theresa might have made irrational decisions or act immorally in their eras but that doesn’t mean they were toxic leaders. Thus there are some traits or features one can use to identify who is truly a toxic leader. These traits include dishonesty and lack of integrity, deceiving followers by lying to them to gain the ultimate power, selfish interest thereby putting your needs above the well-being of your followers, conscious ignorance and egoistic attitude that raise corruption, incompetence, ruthless actions that demean, threaten and discourages the people around the leader. Violating and eradicating the fundamental human rights of rivals and followers, withholding power and stepping on the rights of possible successors. (Lipman-Blumen, 2004)
With the above traits, a toxic leader can be defined as a person with a certain dysfunctional personality in addition to possessing the qualities of a leader but with the intention of misusing the rights and powers given to him to first satisfy his own selfish needs and wants through deceiving, demoralizing and demeaning others. But of course these toxic leaders deny and never state that these traits or features apply to them.

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