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A Report On Anita Roddick, (The Woman Who Started The Body Shop), Written For A Contemporary Leadership Class.

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Anita Roddick - This Woman Has Changed Business ForeverInnocence, passion, simplicity, vision, honesty; these are just a few of the words that describe Anita Roddick's method that has been so successful in taking the reputation and operations of The Body Shop to the standard it adheres to today. The previously mentioned traits of Anita Roddick's management style are clearly the first thing that does/should stand out to readers, but there is another aspect to this article that really caught my attention; how outdated the article is. Though the article is still interesting and the message, (globally/environmentally conscious business), is still important, the "true" view of such business in the global economy has changed a 100 fold. Near the end the article states that "I think you can trade ethically; committed to social responsibility, global responsibility;..." the problem here is that the public, the government and corporations themselves have already began doing this, (the Nike case, Dell's Sustainability Report, Gap Inc's Social Responsibility Report, the book Natural Capitalism,), so for this article to pertain to present day and say "It's creating a new business paradigm," is a little past it's time.Anita Roddick and "The Body Shop" express extremity of vision most noticeably through involvement in the global environment. Whether through her poster's in windows and on the side of trucks, her involvement in protests, or her statement "The Indians are the custodians of the rain forest. The rainforests are the lungs of the world. If they die' we all die.," all point to the clarity of a woman with passionate beliefs about company involvement not being restricted to employee and shareholder treatment, but that The Body Shop exists in a larger sphere; the environment. Without the environment, (mother nature), there will be now business, without business economies will collapse, and eventually so will humanity; this again is the very basis of the book Natural Capitalism, (, which all business should and one day hopefully will strive to be like.Willingness to take high personal risk is the very nature of what Anita Roddick did in her "start-up" of The Body Shop. Having 2 children, a husband that had just left for Africa, only 15 to 20 products, (can't forget they were in five sizes to look like more), and a need to make at least 300 a week to remain in business, (though living in Peru doesn't sound so bad either), could very well be a definition of willingness to take high personal risk in the business world. She was risking her dreams, perhaps even her children's quality of life, she worked around the clock perhaps risking her own health; some serious risks that the average person wouldn't dare take, but those that do are the Anita Roddick's, the Bill Gates, the Michael Dell's, etc of the world.Her use of unconventional strategies is another theme that spans the reading of this article, especially in terms of her "honesty,...

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