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A Study On Awareness About Waste Segregation And Waste Recycling Among The Post Graduate Students Of University Hostels In Manasagangotri Campus

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Due to various reasons urban areas are facing many challenges. Unhealthy disposal of solid waste is one of the important problems in many societies, and waste recycling is considered as a solution for managing solid wastes. Waste Management is great challenge to the environmental sustainability, it not only shows the challenge but also it shows the social handicap. In India various Laws, regulations and guidelines are existing related to Solid Waste Management, such as:
 MSW (Management and Handling) Rules, 2000.
 Plastic Waste (Management and Handling) Rules, 2011
 Toolkit for Solid Waste Management-Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, 2012
Despite of these rules, regulation and guidelines waste management is still a great challenge to urban society. Solid waste management is the primary responsibility local authority, so people will not give much importance to this waste management in India. Normally people think waste means any organic or inorganic substances which have lost their valve from the user. But there is nothing like waste in nature, it is only the resources at wrong places. If we use these waste as resources environmental sustainability can be achieve. Waste management will successful, it will need people support and active participation and involvement. People involvement is most important in two ways. Namely
 Storage of Waste/Segregation of waste at Source is essential step of Waste management.
 Practice of 4 ‘R’ R - Reuse
R - Recycle
R - Reduce
R – Refuse
Young people like students attitude related to waste management may reduce the solid waste problem in urban areas especially to maintaining cleanliness and using the waste resource in a proper way.
Review of Literature
Asuamah et al (2012) conducted in the area of waste management by examining student’s attitude towards waste recycling and the strategies for recycling. Aim of this study is contributing to the body of knowledge in the area of waste management by examining students attitude at Sunyani Polytechnic that were selected using convenience sampling method for a sample of 139. Result shows knowledge and attitude towards solid waste recycling is good and positive.
Nishio et al (2005) examined the antecedents of recycling and reducing household waste based on an integrated waste reduction model. The model was tested using Japanese household recycling and reducing waste data. The results shows that attitude toward waste reduction behavior has effect on both recycling and reducing waste behavior. And attitude toward waste reduction is determined by involvement, perceived cost and benefit, accessibility of a recycling program, and subjective norm.
Hernandez O et al (1999) conducted a pilot study on recycling programme in Quito and the factors associated with residents’ participation in separating their wastes. Result shows Focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and a household survey identified the steps...

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