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A Study On Children At Risk For Having Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Participants of this study were gathered through ongoing studies that were focused on young children at risk for having autism spectrum disorder. The studies were done at the University of Michigan Autism and Communication Disorders Center (UMACC). Some children that were already currently being screened at the clinic were used in the study. Also, fliers were posted in local day cares to request additional children for the typically developing group. Each child, ASD and TD alike, had to complete a familiar object entry task so the researchers could gather children that were appropriate for the testing. During this small entry task, the child was presented with one known object and ...view middle of the document...

To draw a similar amount of attention to the novel object, the investigator next commented on the novel object using similar phrase-triplets—“Ooh, look at that. Yeah, see it? Wow, look at that”—for an overall total of nine comments. Each phrase-triplet began when the child’s attention was on the toy and was completed regardless of where the child’s attention was at the end of the phrase. However, a pause was introduced prior to the next phrase-triplet to get the child’s attention back to the toy (e.g., by moving it, shaking it, bringing it into the child’s visual field). When the child’s attention was back on the toy, the next phrase-triplet began (Luyster, R et al., 2009).
Next was the testing phase of this trial. After the child had been “trained” to know the name of the object, a test was presented to see if they could display this. The investigator presented the target object (e.g. toma), the un-named object that the investigator commented on, and a distractor object. The investigator then proceeded to ask “Can you put the toma in the bucket?” This was done to see if the child could identify the object it when surrounded by other objects (Luyster, R et al., 2009).
The next assessment was the discrepant training. The investigator placed two novel items on the table and started various actions with each toy to spark the child’s interest. While sitting across from the child, the investigator placed the toy previously designated as the “child’s toy” in the child’s hand and picked up the “investigator’s toy,” resting it in the palm of her hand. While the child was holding and looking at the child’s toy and the investigator was holding the investigator’s toy, the investigator then...

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