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Research on Margaret ThatcherGabriela CarcamoPOLS 3390Professor Nancy SimsMargaret Hilda Thatcher framed what is considered "The Thatcher Decade" in Great Britain in the twentieth century. She achieved a record in British history not just because she was the only female leader of a British political party but because she was also the only woman to become Prime Minister in Great Britain, for eleven years. Without a doubt she left behind a legacy that has both aroused assurance and disapprobation between her fellow citizens and the world. In this paper, I will analyze the life of Margaret Thatcher, her strategies in her rise to power, some of her policies while in office and other factors about her radical conservatism that bore her name: Thatcherism. PRIVATEOn October 13,1925 in a small town of Grantham, Beatrice Ethel Stephenson, a dressmaker, gave birth to Margaret Hilda Roberts, her second daughter, in the flat above her family's grocer's shop. Alfred Roberts, who had left school at the age of twelve, but an active pillar to the local community and Methodist preacher, introduced Margaret to conservative politics. "Mr. and Mrs. Roberts were described as caring and believed their daughters should follow a rigid code of conduct" (Murray 17). A good student, Margaret at eleven years received a scholarship to the Kesteven and Grantham Girls School. Somerville College of Oxford University, where she was admitted a couple of years later, was where she graduated from in 1946 with a degree in chemistry. As a chemistry student, she did not have nearly as much time free as other students. Despite that, she developed interest in politics and became Chairman of the University Conservative Club (OUCA) in 1946 (Murray 35).Her first job after leaving Oxford was as research chemist for BX Plastics where she studied surface tensions. In the mean time, she moved to Manningtree in Essex where she joined the local Conservative Association. Two years later she would take the opportunity to go to the Party Conference where her uphill struggle to political success would begin. A casual conversation while at a Conservative Party conference between her friend John Grant and John Miller, the Chairman of the Dartford constituency, got her to become the only female and youngest woman candidate in the country running for the Labour seat of Dartford in 1948.Even though she lost to Norman Dodds, her campaign attracted a higher than normal amount of media attention but by this time she had gained the respect of all those that she had worked with (Murray 49). On December 13th 1952, Margaret married Denis Thatcher, a rich divorced managing director of a family paint firm and convinced conservative, with whom she had twins two years later, a girl, Carol, and a boy, Mark. (Lewis 23).In the mean time she had taken law courses, which was her ambition and passed the bar at the same time other Labour Party leaders did. Now with her new legal qualifications, Margaret Thatcher began to...

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