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A Study On Reading Habit And Attitude Among Student Kptm,Kl

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of Study
Reading good material will lead the students to be a good attitude and inspire positive reading experience. Now days, mostly students spend their leisure time not only reading the magazine but more to playing video game and social network. This phenomenon will bring the researcher attempting to study in college and university in Malaysia which more to focus in Kolej Poly-Tech Mara.

1.2 Problem Statement
1.2.1 Poor Reading Habit
The fact from National Literacy Survey, in 1982 an average that Malaysian reading habit are two pages and continue with two books a year in 1996. It show reading is not one of habit for student in daily life which it related their attitude and interest.

1.2.2 Leisure Time
Malaysian students read very little and prefer spending as much as 3-5 hours per week. Electronic media development influencing the students spend more time for watching television and playing video game rather than reading.

1.2.3 Language preferences
Besides that, mostly student interest to read based on their language preferences such as if the Malay student expert in Malay communication, possibilities their only read the Malay language only.

1.3 Research Objective
1.3.1 To determine the reading habit of the KPTM, Kuala Lumpur in terms of types of reading material they read.
1.3.2 To determine the reading habit of the KPTM, Kuala Lumpur in terms of time spend on reading.
1.3.3 To determine the reading habit of the KPTM, Kuala Lumpur in terms of activities during their leisure time.

1.4 Research Questions
1.4.1 What are the type of reading material they read?
1.4.2 How much their spending time on reading?
1.4.3 What are the activities during their leisure time?

1.5 Scope of Study
This study will be conducted in Kolej Poly-Tech MARA (KPTM), Kuala Lumpur. It will identify the reading habit of the student KPTM, Kuala Lumpur in terms of types of reading material they read. This study also will determine the reading habit of the KPTM, Kuala Lumpur in terms of time spend on reading and activities within their leisure time. A set of survey questionnaire will be distributed to the selected respondents to obtain the relevant information.

1.6 Target user
The first target user group consists of students KPTM, Kuala Lumpur which data was gathered from a group of bachelor in IT with International Business student and a group of bachelor in IT with Accounting Business semester 3.
1.7 Limitations
There are several limitation factors or barriers occurred during completing this report. The problems are:
1.7.1 Limited resources
Limited of secondary data have been affecting the findings. Some of the personal information about students are confidential.
1.7.2 Cooperation from respondent...

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