A Report On The Australian Aboriginal And Torres Straight Islander Sexual Health Program

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TABLE OF CONTENTS1. INTRODUCTION2. PROJECT BACKGROUND2.1 Program Funding2.2 Consultation Process3. PROJECT STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION3.1 Program Development3.2 Implementation of the Program3.3 Ongoing Sexual Health Education for Aboriginal Prisoners3.4 Phase 24. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE PROGRAM5. SUCCESS OF THE PROGRAM5.1 Evaluation of the Program6. HOW THE PROGRAM COULD BE STRENGTHENED6.1 Recommendations7. CONCLUSION8. REFERENCES1. INTRODUCTIONThe Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Program was developed through a project undertaken jointly by the Department of Corrective Services (DCS) and Queensland Health. According to Turgeon (199: 2), the department aimed to provide sexual health education which would be equally applicable to Queensland Aboriginal prisoners from all community backgrounds. With the knowledge that this form of education was not readily available on home communities, the program was designed with the intention that the message be taken back to the home community once prisoners had been released.Turgeon goes on to state that the project commenced in February 1995 and was launched in December 1995. There were approximately 800 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in secure custody in Queensland when this program was being developed. This number had increased to 1100 by 1998. In 1995 approximately 50 per cent of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners in Queensland were serving sentences of three years or less. At the time, all prisoners received at secure custody facilities in Queensland received mandatory routine testing for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B. This practice continues.2. PROJECT BACKGROUND2.1 Program FundingFunding was provided through the Commonwealth Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sexual Health Services Funding Program with State funding being allocated by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sexual Health Unit of Queensland Health. "The program cost approximately $105,000 to produce. $60,000 in salaries and on costs, $30,000 for video and promotional materials and $15,000 for travel and workshop expenses" (Turgeon, 199: 2).2.2 Consultation ProcessAccording to Turgeon (1999: 3), prior to work commencing on the program, the Department of Corrective Services corresponded with correctional jurisdictions throughout Queensland. They requested any information available on existing indigenous sexual health programs targeting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners. This consultation process was extended to numerous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community based organisations and government enclaves around Queensland, seeking information about any sexual health programs for indigenous people.It became apparent during the process that there was no suitable program whichcould be adapted for delivery in a correctional centre environment for indigenous prisoners. However during this process it also became apparent that to maximize the proposed program's effectiveness, it would...

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