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A Study On The Construction Industry In Malysia

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1.0 Introduction

The construction industry is one of the main engines of growth of domestic economy in Malaysia. Its cyclical growth is a barometric reflection of the economic climate, experiencing accelerated expansion when the economy is booming and sharp decline when the economic system is on the downside. Normally, the production of construction products is a risky, complex and extended operation. The full development of a construction project normally consists of several phases involving a diverse scope of specialized services (Abdul Rahim, n.d). Development of safety for personnel in construction environment is realized as a major factor for tranquillity ...view middle of the document...

In recent years design has become a focal point of researchers and regulators (Behm, M., 2011).
1.1 Problem Statement

As stated in the Abdul Rahim’s report, for the construction industry in Malaysia, there has been greater emphasis on the three aspects at the expense of safety highlighted by many employers. Those three aspects are cost, time, and quality which is important characteristic of every task. Even though safety is one of them, many employers have not established comprehensive accident prevention policies, but instead, they simply concentrated on maximizing net income. They do not emphasize on safety because they do not recognize how high the actual monetary value of an accident is until it happens.
An increased exposure of working people and the worldwide public to unsafe situations at construction sites is due lack of devotion to safety requirements, which results in a high chance of occurrence of accidents. In a report by Dayang (2010), a worrying increase in the numbers of accidents happening at the construction sites shows the number of lasting disabilities and fatalities from year 1996 to 2008 as recorded by the Social Security Organization (SOCSO). Hence, this lead the study to evaluate the awareness of safety in design among the construction professionals.
In summation, there are numbers of worse scenario, which happen due to failure of design, structural, materials used and maintenance problems (Azuin Ramli, 2012). The most significant risk normally occurred in design and built, including time and cost overrun. Employer or government delay, lack of information from the employer, difficulty of following instructions, conflict of interest and variation to changes are the major constituents responsible for these risks (Nur Alkaf, 2012). This will result in the constructing of a building with referring to the improper design. In conformity with the example of Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium, the roof collapse after a year it officially opened to host the 2008 Sukma Games (Azuin Ramli, 2012). The movements of the collapsed are resulted from faulty design and undesirable manner in which the construction is erected as mentioned by Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad in The Star newspaper (Murali, 2010). Thus, it is essential to understand the significance of the safety in design.

1.2 Aim and Research Objectives

The purpose of the research is to identify the level of implementation safety in design by construction professionals in preventing any risks during the building and maintenance lifecycles of the project.
The objectives of the research were threefold:
1. To understand the significance of safety in design.
2. To evaluate the implementation of safety in design among construction professionals.

1.3 Research Questions

The following are the research questions that will be addressed throughout the research:
Objective 1: To understand the significance of safety in design.
i. What is the definition of safety in design?

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