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An Investigation On The Importance Of Brand Names To Consumers

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An Investigation on the Importance of Brand Names to Consumers


The aim of this research is to find out why brand names are important
to consumers. The reason why this research has been undertaken is
because branding is an interesting topic, which plays a major part in
everyday life. Brands are found everywhere that hardly anything today
is unbranded, including clothes, food, furniture and even cars. The
research will show why brands are important to consumers. This
research proposal will report other authors who have commented on
brands. The author will be conducting primary research in forms of
questionnaires and interviews. This is an important study for the
reason that it demonstrates the way people buy and the justifications
of their choice.

Aims & Objectives or Hypothesis:

Research question:

Why brand names are important to consumers?

Aims & Objectives.

The main objective of the proposal is to examine why brand names are
important to consumers which could also consist of what branding is
and how important it is to consumers in everyday life.


My hypotheses are as follows:

The higher the satisfaction with one brand name, the more the customer
will trust the brand name.

The brand name is used to make the customer secure with

The geographical implications on the brand i.e. if the brand name is
well established in particular areas.

Literature Review/Theoretical underpinning:

The Literature that used to complete this research proposal was
obtained from the resource centre in the University of Luton, I used a
variety of sources, which included textbooks, journals and the
Internet played a vital tool in obtaining the research.

The literature reviews is as follows:


Brand power (edited by Paul Stobart, Interbrand group PLC, 1994)

Brands: the new wealth creators (edited by Susanna Hart & John Murphy,

Building Brands Directly (edited by Stewart Pearson, 1996)


'Fashion Involvement, self Monitoring and the Meaning of Brands'

BBC News. 'Cheap Jeans Better Than Designer Denim'

The case for brands (Economist) 9/8/2001, vol.360 issue 8238

Besides, brands are important to brand owners, brands are also
important to consumers. A brand represents a pact between brand owner
and consumer. Branding therefore is not a cynical activity imposed on
the unsuspecting consumer against their will. Brands allow consumers
to shop with confidence in what is an increasingly complex world. The
brand offers the consumer a guarantee of quality, value and product
satisfaction. Therefore as long as the brand keeps its part of the
bargain the consumer will continue to support it. However, should the
consumer not like the brand, or should it fail to deliver what the

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