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A Study Sheet Of Where Each U.S. President Stood On Different Issues And Important Facts About Them.

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PRESIDENTDOMESTIC POLICYFOREIGN POLICYIMPORTANTFACTGEORGE WASHINGTON-Put down a whiskey rebellion, a 1794 tax revolt in Pennsylvania by summoning the militia of several states.-Issued a Proclamation of Neutrality in 1793 that kept the u.s. out of French revolutionary war. -Laid the cornerstone of U.S. capital building-made the presidential veto- Only president to be elected unanimously.JOHN ADAMS-Appointed several conservative judges. -Signed the alien sedition act-Reluctantly revealed the XYZ affair.Signed a treaty with Napoleon Bonaparte. -1st president to live in the White HouseTHOMAS JEFFERSON-attempted to remove several federal judges-acquired the Louisiana purchase-organized the Lewis & Clark expedition-declared war on Tripoli-signed Embargo Act-The present collection of Library of Congress began with purchasing Jefferson's personal library.JAMES MADISON-retreated from Washington D.C.-Declared war on Great Britain-approved the treaty of GhentJAMES MONROE-Ordered the suppression of the Seminole uprising in Florida-set aside lands for Native Americans-purchased Florida from Spain-signed the Missouri Compromise of 1820-Signed a treaty with Russia, establishing a boundary to Russian territory in U.S.-Proclaimed the Monroe Doctrine. -partisan policy were largely set aside during Monroe's presidencyJOHN QUINCY ADAMS-Proposed improvements project including transportation system.-signed the Tariff of Abomination-corrupt bargain in the elctionANDREW JACKSON-supported Georgia to remove the Cherokee-vetoed renewal of the charter of the 2nd bank of U.S.-issued a proclamation against state nullification of federal laws- Recognized Texas as an independent republic.-Sent diplomat to settle dispute with great Britain and France. -Only president to pay national debt.MARTIN VAN BUREN-limited workday to 10 hours-Sent major general winfield scott to keep the peace with England. Established the 1st statewide political machineWILLIAM H. HARRISONDied 32 days after taking officeJOHN TYLER-Established the boundary between Maine and Canada.-opened Asia to US trade-annexed Texas in 1945Withstood a impeachment effort by his own party.JAMES K. POLK-lowered tariff on goods by signing the Walker tariff in 1846-added the Oregon territory to U.S.-commanded U.S. in the Mexican war-Laid the cornerstone of the monument in D.C.ZACHARY TAYLORSupported the admission of California as free state.Signed the Clayton-Bulwer treatyMILLARD FILMORECOMPROMISE OF 1850-Sent Mathew on a mission to open Japanese ports to U.S trade.FRANKLIN PIERCEApproved the Gadsden purchaseSigned the Kansas-Nebraska Act-tried to purchase Cuba from SpainJAMES BUCHANANSupported the Lecompton ConstitutionSeven states seceded by the time he left officeABRAHAM LINCOLN -Led the Union in the Civil war-Signed the Homestead Act-issued the Emancipation Proclamation-created national banking system and standardized currency-averted Britain's involvement in the civil war1st president to be...

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