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A Study Was Carried Out To Try And Understand, What Make It Projects Different And Complex Than Any Other Projects.

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SUMMARYThis report is based on a recently published British Computer Society report:"Why are complex IT projects different" (March 2005).Research conducted by the BSC shows that only 20% of IT projects can be considered as successful."A striking proportion of project difficulty stem from people in both customer and supplier organisations failing to implement know best practise" ( Royal Academy of Engineering report "The Challenges of Complex IT Projects", 4). This can be said to be caused by lack of leadership, lack of knowledge at top level, poor risk management and so on.However, further development and improvement in the method and tools to support the design and delivery of IT projects could increase success rate of IT projects. Most importantly, more research is needed to facilitate better management of increasing complex IT projects been doneThe main stakeholders are people involved project. They are very important in determining whether the project is successful or not. The list of stakeholders are senior management, end-user, system architect and project manager.INTRODUCTIONA study was carried out to try and understand, what make IT projects different and complex than any other projects; the findings can be used to improve success rates.This report is based on findings from the British Computer Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering reports. The report is divided into different sections.Firstly, this report identifies what an IT project is and explains difference between IT projects and other Engineering projects, given examples or cases.Secondly billions of pounds are wasted every year on mew IT System, according to a report by BSC. There is still lack of professionalism in IT and that can be dangerous in safety-critical project. This is one of the main reasons for project failure which are carefully listed and summarised in this report.This report also identifies the main stakeholders in an IT project as well as providing detail profile for each. This report also addresses the main tasks in managing the project.Finally the report makes a conclusion by addressing what is needed for success of future IT Projects.1.0 WHAT IS AN IT PROJECT?A project is an enterprise carefully planned to achieve a particular aim. Therefore an IT project is an Information technology enterprise carefully planned to achieve a major aim.If we star getting all the terminology right maybe we would start to see IT projects differently. We should stop confusing other engineering projects to IT projects because they are characteristically different from each other. According to a published report on 16 march 2005 by the British Computer Society (BCS), we should stop calling other engineering projects IT projects, they are rather known as major programmes of change. Very low percentage is actually IT projects. For example the UK passport office project was not an IT failure but was said to be management failures in business processes and change control and also...

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