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A Stupid Hen Storybooks are a wonderful way of teaching children the way of the world. Some storybooks teach right from wrong, the colors of the rainbow and even how to count. I chose the book, Minerva Louise at School for my story telling report. It is a great storybook written by Janet Morgan Stoeke. This book was written for kids from ages 2-6. Minerva Louise is a curious hen, and let me tell you, she loves to explore her world. This particular Minerva Louise book tells a tale about how she went to a big fancy barn, or what humans would call a school.The Book Minerva Louise at School begins when Minerva Louise wakes up. She decides to go for a walk and during her walk she sets her eyes on what appears to be a big fancy barn, but to humans it is obviously a school. She walks through this so-called barn and compares the things in it to her barn at home. She calls the hallways stalls for animals, she labels the chairs milking stools for the cows and makes many more assumptions about the objects in the school. Minerva enters one room and spots a baseball glove with a softball in it. She believes this is a nesting box with an egg. Minerva notices that the "egg" is not covered with hay to keep it warm, so she uses pencils as another form of hay. After she finishes making the "egg" warm, she realizes it is late and she hurries back to her barn. When she arrives home, she uses her new ideas that she got from the big fancy barn (school) to make her own nesting box better. Minerva takes a glove and more items like a hose from her barn, and creates a new improved...

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