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英语文体学结课论文对梭罗的《瓦尔登湖》的文体学分析AbstractThis paper will introduce the background of Henry David Thoreau. His masterpiece Walden, or Life in the Woods is honored to be as Green Bible. The book embodies his philosophy and reflects his independent character. The paper will adopt stylistic analysis, which will be helpful for us to better understand the theme and aesthetic effect of the book and at the same time the stylistic analysis of the book also has strong social influence. At present, our Chinese modern construction comes to a new step, it has some similarities with America at the time of Henry David Thoreau, so how to keep balance between the economic growth and the natural protection is not the desire of citizens, but also the demands of harmonious society. So the analysis of the book can benefit us a lot.Key Words: Thoreau H.D; Walden, or Life in the Woods; Stylistic AnalysisChapter 1 IntroductionThe significant Place of Henry David Thoreau in American LiteratureHenry David Thoreau, American writer, philosopher, and naturalist who believed in the importance of individualism. When he was young, he heard a speech of Ralph Waldo Emerson which was called The American Scholar and this speech was thought to be the guide for young Thoreau, it led him to the transcendentalism. He showed great interest in transcendentalism and oriental books which were full of mysterious philosophy. In a commercial, conservative, expedient society that was rapidly becoming urban and industrial, he upheld the right to self-culture, to an individual life shaped by inner principle. He demanded for all men the freedom to follow unique lifestyles, to make poems of their lives and living itself an art. In a restless, expanding society dedicated to practical action, he demonstrated the uses and values of leisure, contemplation, and a harmonious appreciation of and coexistence with nature. Because of his prolific talents in literature, he was honored to be as American environmental pioneer and mental master of philosophy.Chapter 2 The Stylistic Analysis ofWalden, or Life in the Woods2.1 A General Overview of the BookWalden was published in 1854, seven years after Henry David Thoreau ended his stay in a small cabin near Walden Pond. In Walden, Thoreau condensed events of his twenty-six month sojourn into one year, for literary purposes. The eighteen chapters celebrate the unity of nature, humanity, and divinity-a central idea of transcendentalism-and portray Thoreau's life at Walden Pond as an ideal model for enjoying that unity. Thoreau was very critical of modern civilization. He felt that man should seek truth directly by himself and not through imitation of others. This book does not attract the corresponding attention at that time: As time goes by, it becomes hotter and hotter. Walden, or Life in the Woods...

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