A Successful Enterprise Resource Planning (Erp) System Implementation Requires Integration Of Technology With Business Strategy And Assessing The Impact Of The System On All Aspects Of The Business;

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Running Head: A SUCCESSFUL ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING (ERP)A successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation[Name of the writer appears here][Name of the Institution appears here]Table of ContentsContents PageIntroduction ........................ 4Statement of the Problem 5Importance of the Study 5Purpose of the Study 6Statements of Hypotheses 8Research Design (Methodology) 9Limitations 10Delimitations 11Definition of Terms 11The Expected Results 14The Overview of Chapter-2 16Review of Related literature 16The ERP Systems (Literature Review) 17Literature Available on ERP Implementations &Business aspects 18Key Author's Work (Literature) that ProvidesInsight on The Subject 19Current Knowledge Related to the Problem 22ERP Implementation Influence on DifferentAspects of Business (Hypothesis #2) 22General 22ERP Systems Today in the Business 22ERP Systems and Integration of Technology 23Emergence of outsourcing in the Current Market: 26The impact of ERP system (Hypothesis #2) 27How the Business is affected? (Hypothesis #2) 29Analysis ERP Systems: (Hypothesis #3) 30Post-Implementation Scenario 33ERP Systems: Future Enhancements 34The Overview of Chapter-3(Methodology) 36The Overview of Chapter 4 (The Data Analysis Section) 38The Overview of Chapter-5 41Recommendations (An Overview) 45Solution to Shortage of ITS Staff 45Operation from a distant place 46Ensure Good Implementation through Good Vendors 46Ensure Good Implementation through Good Vendors 46Conclusion 47References 48Appendices 52Appendix A 52Outline of the ProposalChapter 1IntroductionEnterprise Resource Planning systems commonly known as ERP Systems are in fact the software packages composed of several modules, such as human resources, sales, finance and production, providing cross-organization integration of data through embedded business processes. These software packages can be modified to provide for the specific needs of an organization. During the 1990s ERP systems became the effective standard for substitute of legacy systems in large and mainly multi-national companies [Parr and Shanks 2000]. The main, impact of ERP systems on industry, as has been described by Davenport; "the business world's embrace of enterprise systems may in fact be the most important development in the corporate use of information technology in the 1990s". [Davenport, 1998], is going strong guns in the market. The people who can work in the market for witch these systems, apply them, and know how these systems change organizations into big, and on the rise The researchers have however now started to feel the need for more ERP research [Gable 1998] and the same has also been conveyed by others, [Gable et al. 1997b] The study in hand is also a similar attempt to dilate upon ERP related issues and evolve an outcome that could lead the businessmen to a course of success. It will also overview the effects of application of different factors, few cases of ERE implementation and other related...

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