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A Successful Prime Minster Essay

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A great Prime Minster should always do what is appropriate for Canada, no matter how many obstacles and burdens he or she faced. Trudeau is known as one of the most political figures in the Canadians history. Looking at the fifteen years of Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s wisdom, he did exactly what is right for Canada. For instance, he put an end to the October Crisis by putting the country into the effect of The War Measures Act. In another case, he performed the Official Language Act, which supported the unity and equality of the French and English Canadians. Finally, he amended the Constitution, which gave Canadians the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Trudeau was a successful Prime Minster who ...view middle of the document...

Trudeau passed The Official Languages Act in 1968, making the country bilingual, which means that the official language of Canada will be English and French. Furthermore, passing The Official Language Act effectively supported the development of Canada as one united nation, as it blocked the separation of Quebec. Trudeau’s commitment to bilingualism was fueled by his desire to give French Canadians an equal place in Canadian society. Moreover, The Official Languages Act helped the preserve of the French heritage in Canada, as all government workers were taught to speak and understand French, and the act ensured that all the services provided in the French area must be at least ten percent of the population spoke French. Therefore, passing The Official Act was decent for the Canadian unity and equality, which make Trudeau a good Prime Minster of Canada.
Trudeau was a perfect Prime Minister of Canada; he respected the human rights and protected the minorities. Pierre Trudeau brought the constitution home and with it he introduced the new Charter of Rights and Freedom. The charter was made to respect the human rights, and it preserved the individual freedom. Moreover, the charter supported the Canadian development as an independent nation, as it was passed by the Canadian Government. The charter sought to protect the individual rights as by preventing laws that unfairly discriminate or that take away...

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