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A Successful Project Comes From Project Management

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This write-up gives an insight to projects, project management and what they entail. It is important to state that a successful project is achieved through good project management.


A project is a temporary organization to which resources are assigned to do work to bring about beneficial change. (The resources may be human, material or financial).
This view of a project encompasses most of the traditional definitions of a project. The concept of the project as temporary organization is now quite popular (Turner and Muller, 2003).

Research about projects being a temporary organization has been carried out by individuals, organisations and institutions. Notable ones are the Swedish literature (Lundin and Soderholm, 1995). and a developed concept by the Austrian school (Garies and Huemann, 2003).

To emphasize on why projects are temporary would be examples like the network infrastructure of a school and a multinational company. A company wins a contract to design a network system for the school, which is a short term project. For the multi-national company, they may have continuous and various projects like: network infrastructure, construction and production; which will demand more resources and time.

Furthermore, projects are mostly contracts depending on the tasks and time frame. They are to be executed based on the specification given by the owner and suggestions and ideas by the project manager. In most cases projects last for a short period, while some run for a long period of time due to reasons such as: financial breakdown, environmental factor and a change of plan or decision.

The International Project Management Association (IPMA) states: “Project Management (PM) is the planning, organising, monitoring, and controlling of all aspects of a project and the management and leadership of all involved to achieve the project objectives safely and within agreed criteria for time, cost, scope, and performance/quality. It is the totality of coordination and leadership tasks, organisation, techniques, and measures for a project. It is crucial to optimize the parameters of time, cost and risk with other requirements and to organize the project accordingly” (IPMA, 2006).

The major importance of managing projects is for productivity and...

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