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A Suitable Network As Well As Internet Services

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The proposal will talk four Internet services that are essential to enable efficient and secure communication with customers and internal staff. And for each Internet service I proposed, describe its usage and explain why the service is appropriate.

Four Internet services
Firstly, I set up a “Facebook Page” for Starbucks Coffee Company. In the page, it has the latest news in which the latest Starbucks Coffee information.

For example, when the new coffee product release? How to drink the coffee? For example, we will inform client to upgrade the coffee promote activities. We can let the people who follow the trend of coffee information to let them can enjoy our offer immediately through technological novelties gaining the latest useful information through this “Facebook Page” communicate areas. They can on the cutting edge of technology and surf on information websites to grab latest news.

The Page let the people directly communicate with Starbucks professional coffee teams. The team wills response the people questions immediately. So the page facilitates interpersonal communication, attracts the people to pay close attention to Starbuck coffee product and becomes more involved with one another from countries around the world.

Secondly, we will create an application on the chrome. The people and our client can gain our coffee information in every time and everywhere. They are not only receiving the information, but also they can enjoy entertainment activities. For example, they can play games to get a chance winning a cup of coffee through use the application. In the application, we set up a competition for the people joining the game, if they upload the create photo with coffee, they will have a chance to win coffee.

When the winners use our coffee product, they will comment on our coffee (e.g. when the winners feel that using our product is good, they will share feeling to friend. That will attract more people to buy our product. ) and...

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