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A Summary Of Life As We Knew It By Susan Beth Pfeffer

645 words - 3 pages

Life as we knew it no longer exists. The world is starting to dwindle away before the eyes of the spectator, life becomes precious, and love is the only thing left to hang on to. All of a sudden a meteor crashes into the moon creating massive floods,earthquakes, and explosive volcanic eruptions all over the world. Miranda , a teenage girl, and her family try to cope with the drastic lack of supplies. The future looks bleak, but Miranda tries to stay hopeful as life as she knew it disappears.
The meteor crashing into the moon was spasmodic, yet it left the world to crumble in it’s wake of destruction. The sun seems to not exist, because of the volcanic ash that has diffused throughout the air. Fresh produce no longer exists, and death comes sudden to those who are too weak to go on. “‘ I feel like it should be a dream and when I wake up none of it will have happened, said Miranda.’” (Pg.27) As the world dwindles away, Miranda dreams about her best friend Becky in heaven, and mounds of food surrounding her. The dreams tantalize her, making her more desperate for strength through the hard times. In the world today, people say the world is coming to an end. For example, doomsday preppers salvage non-perishable items like in the book , Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer, so they can survive. I believe the world will come to an and when it is supposed to, and people should cherish the life given to them.
The proliferating lists of the total deaths continue to rise, because of sudden and sporadic volcanic eruptions. Since the moon is so close to the earth total states are flooded and thousands of people are dead or missing. The air is polluted with ash from the volcanoes, covering the suns rays from shining through, killing precious produce. “‘ I’m turning into a rock and in some...

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