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A Summary Of My Community Service Project

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For my community service project I did a large variety of projects. I completed a total amount of seventy-one hours, which includes: eleven hours of in school hours, and sixty hours of out of school service. The groups I worked with include: The Immaculate Conception School, The Merimack Heights Academy, and the Mad Science program. Overall I had a great time and a wonderful experience serving the community.
For the Immaculate Conception School I did many events. First for the I.C.S I helped to set up with two of the Junior High Socials and ran one of the games at the Halloween party. Through working with our school I learned valuable skills of teamwork and leadership by working with ...view middle of the document...

The experience I got from this was unbelievable. It was amazing to watch them grow as a team, and to succeed together. I also got a lot of experience as a coach and as a leader. I learned that while leading a group of people I need to remain calm, and keep my composure to be an effective leader during a time of crisis. I will never forget this experience and I hope that I am invited back next year to help coach my players.
The next community service project I did was to help renovate The Merrimack Heights Academy. We worked for about four hours at the school painting rooms, fences, and other buildings. Although we didn’t finish the project I feel a sense of satisfaction that I helped to create a school for special needs children. I also feel that It was a lot of fun to work with all of my classmates outside of school and to see everybody working so hard.
The last thing I am going to talk about is my time as a mad scientist assistant job for the journey program. I did this awesome job for about five hours over a period of five weeks. This was really one of the most fun things to do because I have a deep love for science and passing that love on to younger bright eyed students is wonderful. I got quite the experience. After doing this project I can see why teachers get frustrated with us students and all the talking. I realized that the less talking we do the more we get accomplished and the more fun we end up having. I would defiantly do this service again and...

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