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An Overview Of Need For Adequate Staffing

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The nurse manager in today’s health care has a solid role in providing a healthy working environment. Healthy working environment is the basis for safe and better patient outcomes. Healthy working environment in a unit depends on the inspiration, motivation and support from the nurse manager and the management in all the ways. So as a nurse manager in a unit, the change I wish to initiate is the safe staffing patterns. Safe staffing patterns are always important for safe working environments to deliver excellent patient care. Staffing and scheduling means providing an adequate staff mix to meet the needs of the patients (Grohar-Murray & Langan, 2011). Nurse manager should know how to schedule and skill mix to provide adequate staffing and better patient care. Skill mix offers information about the appropriate utilization of nurses in terms of workload shared among RNs, LPNs and NAs (CHIN, 2013).
The rationale for the change
Registered nurses are on the front line in all the hospitals for early detection and prompt intervention when patients' conditions deteriorate. So better patient outcomes depend on the number of skilled staff available to take care of the patients. To decrease staff burnout and improve staff satisfaction, adequate staff ratio is needed. Providing consistency of nursing caregivers may significantly improve both health and economic outcomes (Mefford, 2011). When there is an adequate staffing in the unit, it greatly decreases anxiety on the nurses, patients and the families. Adequate staffing can also greatly improve the patient satisfaction levels as well as the confidence level in their nursing caregivers. By safe staffing ratio, nurses get adequate time to take care of the patients which results in fewer infection rate and less complications.

Selected target audience
The nurse manager’s responsibility is to present to the management the need for adequate staffing. The management is the authority who can hire more staff or allow more money for overtime to maintain adequate staffing on the unit. The nurse manager should be able to convince the management that adequate staffing should be maintained for better patient care and prevent errors. The nurse manager should also be able to convince the union representatives if any, senior nurses and the nurses in the unit about the problems of understaffing in the unit. Empowered nurse managers at all levels who feel supported by their organizations always played an important role in staff nurse retention (Wong, 2012). A satisfied staff is happy and more productive.
Benefits of change to the institution
Staffing needs affect the nursing department’s budget, staff productivity, the quality of care provided to patients and even the retention of nurses (Jooste, 2013). The nurse manager has to explain to the management of the benefits of change in providing adequate staffing all the time. Adequate staffing helps staff retention. Staff retention saves a lot of money...

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